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yeah my dad travels with his tomahawk 530's and touch as well as a lod with him all separate and he has not had any problems to date when he travels every so often
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Originally Posted by my.self View Post
LOL forbigger, turn them into head-fi lol. try ur rig haha. and why 3 amps? ur kids use amps too? how old are they? i dont think THAT old if they still need u to add/remove xmas songs and watch lilo and stitch. if the amps are for ur kids, that would be interesting haha. kids using amps! pretty cool imo.
Don't know how I missed this. One amp for the iMod, one for the Macbook, and one spare that my son likes to use with his iPod and Touch. So, I brought the Headsix which takes 9v available anywhere, the Predator and the XM5 (both with USB DAC). I was gonna bring iBasso D3 instead of Headsix, but I loaned it to Skylab for a review. My two girls couldn't care less, and they are as happy with 3G nano and $30 JVC FX-66 Aircushion as with amp and $150 Super.fi 5 Pro (been there done that). My son wanted to bring his Stax SR-Lambda and SRD-X to Maui with us. That would have been fun taking on the plane...
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Hmm, I plan on flying with my Corda XXS.

I guess I'll separate everything inside my pelican micro case.
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You know, it really makes me wonder exactly what they are looking for. I mean, my briefcase is also full of misc computer, cell phone and audio parts, which mostly just look like jumbles of wires and little boxes full of electronics - and I'm guessing that's no different than many (most) other business travelers. 99% of the time we all walk right through. I suspect the *vast* majority of their "finds" are water bottles, soda cans, scissors and pocket knives - which, if the real goal is preventing terrorists, would all be considered "false positives" if we were keeping score. I certainly don't have all the answers - clearly, terrorists that are even more brain-dead than the TSA do exist - I guess all I can do is point out that we are a silly, silly species...
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I actually had someone cringe when I pulled my rig out of my bag at the supermarket today hehe I gave my best disarming smile, but she still looked a bit nervous actually it looks a bit more menacing then that pic at the moment because the DIYMOD is in a yotank
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qusp that picture link is broken
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Originally Posted by billybob_jcv View Post
I guess all I can do is point out that we are a silly, silly species...
Yes, especially when you condider this species has been killing each other for centuries over ideology.
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Has anyone been stopped for their rig even if it was seperated?

I'm flying back to college in a week and I'm afraid my BSG Cmoy will lead to an uncomfortable situation..
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Moral of the story. DO NOT leave your iPod and amp and LOD connected when you go through the airport screening process, or you may come dangerously close to a date with a tube of K-Y jelly (which I managed to avoid thanks to my iPhone and Meier website).

Thanks for the heads-up Larry. Same thing happened to me while leaving Spokane WA awhile back. I travel extensively and have never had a problem but I always disconnect everything and keep them in different areas of the backpack. At least until that time in Spokane. Won't make that mistake again.
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For all of you who enjoyed my story: My Run-In With the TSA, or Fun With the Bomb Squad - Head-Fi: Covering Headphones, Earphones and Portable Audio
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Originally Posted by mrarroyo View Post
I have avoided flying for the last 5 years and counting. The idea of wasting so much time between being 2 hours early plus check in/out and car rentals ... So if the distance is less than 750 miles I drive. Sucks but it sucks less than flying!
I add four hours to the flight time and compare it to the time I spend driving. I figure driving to the airport is 30-60 minutes (can even be 120 if there's a freeway wreck near LAX), at least two hours for security check + boarding time, and another 30-60 min just for the miscellaneous stuff like parking shuttles and flight delays.

My busted car is significantly more comfortable, less smelly, and a tiny bit less noisy than a jumbo jet (old seals = wind noise at cruising speed). It does suck that you can't sleep while driving (if you expect to survive the journey), and technically you're safer in the airplane, but I oddly enjoy long automobile journeys. Also, when you're traveling with other people, it becomes significantly cheaper than flying.
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