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Triple.fi - The Secret to a Good Fit

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The cable, it's all in the cable.

I couldn't get a good fit with my TF10s for months, and was completely discouraged before realizing that it had absolutely nothing to do with the shape of my ear canals or the IEMs themselves. The problem was the memory cable, which was pulling the IEMs out of my ears instead of helping them stay in place.

Try inserting one of the IEMs alone, without the cable into you ear. If it stays in place, it means you can get a perfect fit. If it doesn't fit, try another tip. Chances are one of them will fit your canals. If not, then the cables can still help achieve a better fit.

The tricky part to getting a perfect fit is to shape the memory cable properly so that it helps keep the phones in place. This took me a long time to realize, especially since there's so much BS spread out over the net, especially on UE's own website, which shows a video of a woman doing that stupid rocking motion and then casually curving the cable over her ear, as if the cable had nothing to do with getting a proper fit. WRONG WRONG WRONG!!

The way to do it is to shape the cable before inserting your TF10s. This took me a lot of experimenting, but now that I found the correct shape for my own ears, I just insert the phones, and the cable will actually push them deeper into my canals. The cables do such a good job that they sometimes get pretty annoying. I'd insert the phones loosely so that I could hear what's going on around me, and the cables would push them in deeper. Now I can literally wear them for hours without the need to adjust them.

Here's a few pics of the shape of the cable on my phones. I know everyone has different shaped/sized ears, but it's worth a try for those who can't get a proper fit. It's not too clear on the pics, but the cable forums a U shape and goes down perpendicularly to the socket.

Try different shapes, and see if it works. If anyone has different shapes, show some pics, it may help others.
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Sorry but i figured out this since the 2nd day i bought it.... I thought it's common sense...

But hope this help those who complaining bout the fit.
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lol I thought UE knew what they were talking about, which is why it took me long to figure this out.
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The memory cable is the main aspect that actually helped me getting a good fit and seal. So does the flip mod.
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And there I was thinking it was all about having big ear canals...
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the cable on my triple fi started getting a coiled shape that kept pulling them out of my ears, not becuase of the memory wire, but becuase i was rolling the cable when storing them,

the triple.fi cable is just too heavy and hard for a IEM,
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Aevum, that's probably the bad ol' cable Try to change it to other cable if you like triple.fi. The new straight jack cable pretty good, and this coming from ex-UM2 user which equipped with ES2 cable.

*pics shown are new straight jack cable right?
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Thanks for your guide. I followed and finally get it right on my ears.
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Me too!! thanks dude, the music is more centrallised...

its amazing how the fit can make such a diff !!

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