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Audiophile pcdp!!!

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I was browsing through a photo/ pro audio catalog at my uncle's house and came upon what many of you fanatical audiophiles may be seeking. Apparently Marantz makes some "pro level" - "portable" cd players. Maybe some of you could find out more info and spread the word throughout the forum. Price was not listed, but it looked EXPENSIVE. I'm not an audiophile by any means, but my initial impressions were that it is bigger than regular PCDPs and may have features that most people consider extraneous. On the other hand it was specced with a 1/4 inch headphone jack which would imply to me that the headphone amp must have some serious juice... let me know if this is of any help...the catalog was from a store on sixth or ninth avenue here in the big apple... sorry I can't remember the exact name of the store....

If you guys could give me your opinion on this setup I'm working toward:

Panasonic ct570
Porta Corda
Ety Er6 or Sony V6(modded pads) or Grado 80 (I have the sony and grado)

This is a portable on the go setup.. for walking around town...
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I have sony EX-70's, Panasonic SL-CT780, no amp yet, soon maybe some Beyer 250-80's. I like my setup, go with my Panasonic and some ety's, maybe an altoid amp, ask these guys
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ARGh!!!!!!! i wanna know where this store is, i know theres a store over on 9th and 34th street on the west side, i really wanna check it out and see what they have, i know they carry audiophile cans, so they must carry other crazy stuff! I knew Marantz had something out! Must be like a coupla hundo!

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isn't that the same brick that lini found a couple of months ago?

Can't find the old thread right now...
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Went to the Marantz website...very nice, but not one molecule of info regarding anything that remotely resembles a PCD. If one existed, I'd buy it today. Does anyone know anything more?
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I take that last post back. I was checking in the consumer side not the Pro side...duh! my bad. I'm going to the pro site right now.
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Is THIS the one?

I hate frames! Anyway it is a Marantz PSD-230.
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Check it out here or here

It looks like it's made by superscope...a division of Marantz??
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That thing has only 68 s/n ratio and 400$$$$ ~! It's huge~! But, the 16 bit sounds pretty nice
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yep, that's the one.


You can't really call it portable though....
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It doesn't look like something you can carry around.

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yup thats the one I came across...any thoughts....
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Superscope IS a division of Marantz. I've looked at these before (there are two models). They have specialized features for use by music professionals, specifically tuning adjustment, and key modulation for uses with other instruments/accompanists. THe one interesting audiophile feature is that they have an RCA digital out, which might make them great for attaching to an outboard DAC, which I am considering doing for my bedroom system. Anyone heard one of these things?
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It looks like you're paying for all of the tempo & octave adjustment features. The machines sure are huge for portables. Really looks like they are designed for muscians to practice with. You can read the specs here , also you can read a review here

might be a little more money than it's worth, if you're not going to use the primary musicians features.
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It's B&H Photo

That store, which is around 34th St. & Ninth Avenue is B&H Photo, where I found the best price on my Senn 580's, lo those many years ago. They carry huge camera/video selection; most of the audio stuff is professional or "prosumer," sort of in between. Their prices may well be the best in NYC, usually better than J&R, but with a much narrower consumer product offering. They are on-line at bhphotovideo.com. Happy hunting!
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