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upgrade from shure e5 ?

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i like the e5 but i want more bass and a little bit more highs

wich iem are like that
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Hi Hemn,

How do you like the mids on the E5C?

I know you have asked for bass / treble enhancements, but - when I moved from the E5C to the E500, it was the mids more than anything that changed...

I think (from memory, although I could be tempted to pull the E5C out of storage) that the E5C has quite a lean midrange... Is that something you wish to keep?

If so, I feel that the Ultmate Ears TF10 could be for you... although I'd like to hear what you feel re the E5C mids...

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yea the mids are a little leanback

a little bit more mids would be nice
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Hmm... That opens up various options then... I would automatically vouch for the Sennheiser IE8, but - the other new earphones that are causing a stir are the Westone 3s... although I have not heard them so cannot comment...

Hopefully someone with the Westones will step on now and fill in the blanks
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