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Strange Shure 530 issues

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So I guess I should give a very brief background. I'm coming from the 20 dollar (on amazon) vmoda earphones. Love the bass on those, after all they're made for that purpose.

Now, I ordered a pair of Shure 530s recently and when I initially tried them on I thought to myself...damn these things don't sound anywhere close to the money I paid. Fast forwarding to trying virtually every tip that came with the phones, the sound quality didn't vary much, it was either regular flat sounding, or incredibly bad (the triple tip things suck, or I don't know how to push them in). Yes, I have repositioned the earphones many times, and I'm sure I have a secure fit because I was feeling the vacuum suction effect.

My question is, for something with 2 woofers in each ear, the bass is super lacking. My vmodas produce similar if not slightly MORE bass than these. I bought these off amazon, but under one of the other sellers, more specifically sarjo_distributions and the price is $261 as of today (jan 1st 2009). Could these possibly be fake? The price isn't low enough to make it suspicious of that.

In the event that these Shures ARE supposed to have kind of flat bass (I tried it on my ipod touch and my computer, both sound about the same, only song that I had that produced passable bass response was the e-40 song tell me when to go) are there better recommendations on how to improve it? Or better yet, are there other recommendations for earphones that have great bass? For a first time trying the expensive phones, I sure (no pun intended) am disappointed. Yes, it sounds clear, but seems like it's only good for highs and mids, no bass. =(
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vmoda just bloats the basses in their dynamic drivers, the same effect if u EQ on the lower end. Of coz the SE530 will have way better detail and treble then the vmoda.
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The bass quality of the SE530 will totally destroy the v-moda (I haven't tried either, but it is pretty obvious). I have however tried the Atrio M5, and I think they will suit a basshead like you well. Quality and quantity!
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the problem is your ears are tuned in for the bloated bass you are used to with the v-moda's, dynamic driver earphones usually always deliver ''more'' bass but its questionable wether the bass quantity helps on the professional stage.

what you must remember is high end earphones $200+ are designed for those that enjoy music quality as much as having big bass and loud tunes, the high end phones are usually tuned just to give you ''enough'' bass so that you can hear it and its detail without sounding like a car with too many subs in the back.

dont worry your ears will become accustomed to the sound of the shure's soon enough and as you listen to your music more and more you will start picking out what you couldnt hear before and how superb certain instruments sound.

everybody that goes from low end phones to high end phones usually cant believe what they have payed for because they usually take away that swizz and bang that makes cheaper phones appealing but as i said earlier, in the professional world it really isnt about big bass, its much more appealing to have a nice bass that you can hear and relax to while being able to hear the super mids and tingly highs.

detail is the key word here, high end phones try to give you as much detail as possible while low end phones just give you sound, dont matter if it sounds good aslong as they put out music, but music isnt music when the quality is missing.
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Well I did go ahead and listen intently and indeed the clarity is much much better than whatever I've had before. Lots of highs and mids sound like the veil is taken off, but perhaps I shall keep looking around for something that'll be a little more punchy. I'll look into the atrio m5, or maybe the sennheiser ie 8 or whatever that new one is.
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