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Klipsch X5 GIANT KILLER????

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I purchased these last week and did some burn-in. I'm suprised they are not getting any attention here on the forum? I owned quite a few IEMs (check my feedback) and I really like the sound sig. of the X5s. I read a lot of hype about different IEMs and there is very little said about these. How many members own a pair of these and what do you think of their sound???
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I own a Klipsch image x10, used it for a pretty long time now...I have to say it is amazing~never tried x5 since I already have a x10, never wanna give up the bass on that...

however, in terms of complicity and SQ I prefer my new westone 3 much better than x10~but I believe x5 is really good for its price (market price)
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Yeah I havn't heard the x5 but after having the x10, I dont think I could use the x5 without some disappointment. The bass on the x10 is just wonderful, and the best on any IEM ive heard. It is the first IEM that to me actually sounds like something that would come out of full-sized speakers.

Its good that you are happy with the x5 though, because from what I hear its a very good IEM for its price... And even compared to the x10, its still very small...
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Not many people have compared the X5 and X10, but those who have think they're pretty close.

I have the X5's and they are the best IEM I've heard. I have not heard the "big" ones, but I found the X5's better than the SF5 Pros and the Q-Jays. They are also a lot better than the Head-Direct RE2's.

Even though I really don't need any more earphones, I could not resist ordering the $79 Shure SCL4's. They are supposed to arrive in mid-January and I will post a report.
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I got my X5s for $125 from Klipsch...and then sent them back. Coming from the ATH-CK7s, they sounded totally flat to me. Sure, superb isolation and great comfort...but lacking in bass and highs.

I ended up getting the Phonak Audeo PFEs...I find them to be even more comfortable (with Shure tips), isolate just as well, have a MUCH better cable, have just as good mids, better highs, and a different kind of bass, both better and worse in some ways.

I am curious as to how the X5s compare to the X10s in terms of highs/treble response.
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if u read the FAQ on the klipsch website in the earphones part, they actually tell u the difference between the x5 and x10's. and which is better for which. im glad that they actually tell u if u like this kind of sound, go for these and that kind go for that. usually on sites, they would simply just try to make it so that the more expensive one is always better.
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I recommend burning them in w/radio noise just below listening level for around 100hrs and listen for sound change.
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I have some X5s that I received Christmas day. I have probably only spent 15 mins listening to them so far but first thing I noticed was more bass than my SE210s. Once I am back at work next week I will start listening to them for probably 2-3 hours a day so look forward to that experience.

I keep reading about the flimsy cable but has anyone here actually had a problem with a pair of X5s or is the durability issues based on problems encountered with the X10s and the assumption the same will happen with the X5?
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Originally Posted by freeone-j View Post
I recommend burning them in w/radio noise just below listening level for around 100hrs and listen for sound change.
I believe if you chant, "Sound Gods ... enhance bass ..." 243 times directly over the X5's, there can also be a significant improvement in the sound signature. It's a bit dangerous, though, because if you chant at the wrong frequency it can totally throw the drivers out of whack.

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What's not to like?

The X5s are superb phones, although whether they kill giants, I can't say.

When I first got them, they did sound a bit thin. Whether through burn-in (not really a big believer in that) or (more likely) experimenting with the different tips, the sound soon became full bodied.

Highs and mids are wonderful, the female vocals and piano music that I favor rate very high, and for those wondering about comparisons with the X10, the bass is plentiful.

I've tried them with and without amplification, and they sound fine connected straight to my iPod Classic.

I've had a set since last summer that I use for daily train commutes and can report no problems at all, including the cord issues that a very few X10 owners have had.

In short, sound is top-notch, reliability is excellent, and comfort, as others confirm, is at the top of the heap.

What's not to like?

Comfort is so good, that I don't want to risk being without the X5s; I bought a second pair during the sale.

Would I pay full price again? If I had to, absolutely.
But check around and you can usually get a better deal.

Hope this helps.
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I currently own the Klipsch X5, and can confidently say they are the best IEM of which I have owned. And this is coming from a person who has owned most of the top brands / models from:

-Shure -se530, se420, se310, E4C
-Etymotic - ER-4P, 6i
-Ultimate Ears - Triple-fi, Super-fi 5
-Sleek - SA6 (these are also very good)
-Denon - various
-Sony - various

The X5s offer a amazing detail, yet balanced sound. Good Bass. The best comfort of any IEM and very good sound isolation(double flange). I specifically use them for my cross country airplane travel.

So many people on this forum are caught up on simply "bass"...that they overlook wonderfully detailed and clear IEMS. The X5 are beautifully balanced across all the frequency bands...

Yes, the Klipsch X5 are some of the best out there!
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Wow, some pretty strong endorsements indeed for the X5! At the often discounted price at which these retail, they seem to be quite a good deal.

I have one concern/question: are any 3rd party tips (Shure "olives", Comply foams etc) compatible with the X5? Also, are replacement gels for the X5 available anywhere (at least UK dealers pjbox and hifiheadphones do not seem to stock them)?
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Replacement gels are unavailable AFAIK from Klipsch, something that makes me sad in the face at least twice a week. I have a fair number of IEMs I could use the gels on and would love to do so, but can't.
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Can Klipsch have TWO top Image phones?

I suspect the X5 doesn't get its due acclaim, in part, because Klipsch positions it as No. 2, behind the $100 more expensive X10.

The X10 has received the lion's share of the accolades because of its bass and because it has been sent to more reviewers.

And everyone knows that any IEM manufacturer has only one best model, right?

Well, maybe not. The X5 is so good that it should be considered by anyone looking for a well-balanced phone, with superb comfort and that doesn't need amplification to fulfill its promises.

As far as I can tell, the X5 lacks only two things in comparison with its more expensive stablemate:

1) It doesn't have quite as much bass as the X10 (while Klipsch suggests the X5 is even better balanced in the mids and highs);

2) And it doesn't seem to have the cable issue that a few X10 owners have reported.
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I'd like to try both of them out but in my opinion they are not worth $350 and $250 each. Why should I go for those prices when I can go for the SA6 at $200 (wich I did but sold them out of disappointment)? In fact if I pay $50 extra I would get the w3

Yes, I am aware there was a sale on these items but that was temporarily and for American customers only. I would like to try one of the out though for $125.
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