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Try removing the felt on the front part. Better soundstaging and have no purpose for me anyway? Maybe because I stuffed the back so it blocks it quite good anyway dunno lol
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I sort of gave up trying to mod the Pro 900 to my preferences because I can't seem to retain the everpresent subwoofer bass of stock+blue dragon cable so I just purchased some dreaded iCans :P. Stock cable+mod=a real winner though, it's just I can't let go of my $200 cable lol.
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You could get a DX 1000 to solve the bass issue. it´s just 500 euro lol

I do see the problem the KeeS mod have went on and off frequently. It´s quite releaving to have the DX 1000 now. It has no problems matching the PRO 900 stocks bass. From memory I would say this is better but well I am done modding the PRO 900 by now... I am sure the mod I have now is best for these headphones and they contrast nicely to the DX 1000. It can make the DX 1000 sound just wrong and vice versa
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damn my DX 1000 totally rewired my brain... PRO 900 just to weak, bright and brittle so off with the cotton wool and voila I get back the power, impact, celloes and what not.

I kept the felt on the inside makes sense to remove vibrations. Thank you DX 1000
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You have to be carefull with that, I have the same thing with my K1000 sometimes, after I listened to some bad speakers or other bad sound source, my brain readjusts the need for certain frequencies. When I listen to my K1000 then again, it takes atleast 10min to get used to what neutral sound is like again. Though I like the DX1000 very much, they are not accurate headphones by any means.
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Originally Posted by Kees View Post
I modded some more and ended up with the following final mod...
If you have PRO900, don't believe me but try it. The mod is easy and completely reversible.
I tried
The result is impressive. Fast solid bass, just right amount of mids and crisp trebles. Much better than stock ones. Thank you, Kees
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As I've read from other's posts. I'm hoping this thing doesn't really compare much to the DT770 Pro's as I already own one. I was hoping on buy this as an alternative closed can with a different sound signature from my DT770 Pro. I haven't really tried testing them out fully yet though to compare. They're not burned in yet either so the comparison would be unfair for the Ultrasone Pro 900. I'm hoping I'll find these different as another flavor in my headphone arsenal.

How do these things compare to another closed can such as the Denons D2000 or D5000 or Audio-Technica ESW9A or W5000.
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I remembered reading somewhere on the forum that neutrality is an acquired taste, the Pro 900s became my favourite headphone because of this. But unmodded, the bass still felt too overpowering. Tried the Kees mod and it does everything as advertised on pg 5. Even more satisfied with the Pro 900 sound now. Thanks Kees!
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I just wanted to thank Kees the same way other participants in this thread did. My recently purchased Pro 900 were initially not my taste due to the seemingly artificial mid-bass hump, which I just could not and did not want to get used to.

As much as I hate the idea to potentially lose the warranty on those due to my two left hands, I purchased a cheap set of precision screwdrivers (five bucks or so at Radioshack), opened and lifted the panel on which the drivers are screwed, had a quick glance, saw v. thin wires and a beautiful driver, threw a make-up removal pad inside, chickened out at the time of sticking self-adhesive felt inside so skipped that part (I hope I won't be losing too much - do tell me please), closed the panel, blocked the middle hole of the panel with felt, put on some music, went direct to heaven.

That said, I am not using a proper amplification solution right now and my Pro 900 had "only" been burnt-in for around 50 hours. I can imagine that a nice amp and a couple hundred hours more would much change the Pro 900 and possibly make me want to reduce the amount of cotton taht I put inside of these beauties.
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If you don't have the urge to tinker, just let it burn in until 350+ hours before trying to mod it to your liking because the headphones really change a lot. I tried it stock after ~750 hours and the bass is much more reined in and controlled but the easiest (and free) way to turn them into more entertaining headphones is to Kees mod.
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It's really nice to see people appreciate my mod.
Remember to burn-in the PRO900, they do change some.
The best part is that you can tinker with the amount of cottonwool until you got them to sound just the way you want.
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Yeah, i just removed the half the amt of cotton wool actually. now the bass is at the right amt for me, hard hitting and yet not boomy. i didn't cover any of the top holes as well. what was the theory of cover the top holes again?
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I'm in a dilemma of whether I should replace the pro 900 with a pair of hd600/650.

I run them through a gilmore lite and am complementing them with a pair of grados.

What do you guys think? help me out for those of you who have heard both pairs!
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myk7000, what complaints do you have about the Pro 900? Have you tried the Kees mod?
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