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Ultimate Ears UE 7 better than UE 10 ?

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Hi Everyone
I'm about to get custom UEs but the big question is which one.
Many people here have the UE 10 and their resonance is very positive.
But form what I understand the UE 7 has the same drivers and just a bit more bass and there for might be better for a HD650 lover like me.
Maybe some people like to share why they bought a UE 7 or why they haven't.

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if your a bass lover go ue-11's
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Well the UE 11 seams really great but I can't listen long to strong highs.
I thought the UE 11s highs are too strong, causing early fatigue.
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the ue-11? From what I have heard they are bassy and the highs are not too over pronounced I cannot confirm that though
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I hate overpronounced highs and am very happy with the UE-11. I wouldn't even call them bassy ((imho) they have bass, but just as much as necessary, comparable with a good home rig with subwoofers. awesome bass, but just the right amount of it)

And as I've recently received my HD650: I like them both, so you might, too
Although the HD650 are a bit more analytical, less forgiving.
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Hmm that's good to hear, I've made an appointment for Jan. 2nd to test the UE series, when I told them that I'm interested in the UE 7 they directly told me that I have to try the UE 11.
I thought it was just to sell the most expensive one but I should really give the whole line a fair chance.
Thanks for the input.
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Oh, seeing that you're from Germany: You might try ordering your UE-11 from mp3-player.de or fischer-amps.de. I've used mp3-player.de, they were reasonably fast (transfer to UE and back was done via express transfer) and had a nice support.
Directly ordering from UE probably won't be cheaper if you calculate with the price + shipping + taxes.

But now I'm curious: How/where do you want to test the UE series? You mean the universal UEs?
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I talked to Fischer Amps and they told me that Köttgen Hörakustik in Cologne can help me, that's not far for where I live.
So I called Köttgen and they told me that they have Testphones, so I made the appointment.
I want to make sure that I really get the perfect sound for my taste before buying, because the customs are so damn expensive.
Maybe if they are good but not mindblowing, I will wait until I'm in the US. I will be in Virginia from April till September for an internship.
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Interesting, although I still don't know how they want to have testphones for custom phones.

It would be nice if you cold post here about your appointment afterwards
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As far as I know, they have Testphones with the exact same internals as the final customs but are usable like a normal IEM.
I will post my experience after the appointment.
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So, how was it?
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testphones are customs with a universal bore and usually something like a comply tip on them I will grab a link so you can see

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^^ makes u wonder why they dont release those as universals, certainly looks a better design than the triple fi
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I couldn't go to the appointment today, after having one hell of a Silvester party I got ill, so I had to cancel.
I will make a new appointment, maybe some time next week.
Happy New Year and to those who already own them, enjoy your custom UEs.
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