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Originally Posted by tim_j_thomas View Post
His previously unreleased bootleg stuff is great!
Listening to Disc 2 from Volume 7 right now. Outtakes and alternative tracks from the Highway 61 and Blonde On Blonde sessions. Amazing stuff.

They're spoon feeding Casanova the boiled guts of birds.
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Such a hard choice! For me it's Freewheelin' Bob Dylan because it was the first Dylan album I heard; it reminds me of my first love and a deceased friend. Music can have such a powerful effect on memory, any song from that album and I am lost for a while.
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I chose 'other'. My favorite Dylan is Infidels.
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It is tough to choose just one. So many are great - Freewheelin', Highway 61, Blood on the Tracks, Before the Flood, etc. I voted other, The Bootleg Series Volume 4: The "Royal Albert Hall Concert" as it has not yet been specifically mentioned. Believe the hype. And Garth Hudson's great organ playing is not mentioned often enough.
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Still haven't voted, but I'll tell you what…the tally for Blood On The Tracks made me return to it for the first time since I had it on vinyl. What a lovely, powerful record! Geez, I'd really forgotten…thanx, cats. It may get my vote just 'cuz I already know I'm gonna be playing it a lot in the next few weeks.
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Blood On the Tracks for sure. Not only my favorite Bob Dylan album but my favorite album ever.
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So I might be bringing up an older thread, but I'd still like to voice my thoughts on the topic...


It's true that it's hard to have a favorite, and I believe favorites can change quickly or slowly over time.  I haven't fully listened to all of Bob Dylan's studio release albums, but my current favorite is Time Out of Mind.

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Huge Dylan fan here. Blonde on Blonde will always be his greatest work by a significant margin but if I had to rank them


1. Blonde on Blonde

2. Blood On The Tracks

3. Highway 61 Revisited

4. Bringing It All Back Home

5. Time Out Of Mind

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Tell Tale Signs

Street Legal

Slow Train Coming

Blood on the Tracks

Oh Mercy



Time Out of Mind

Bootleg Series 1-3

Highway 61 Rev.


damn, theres so many. in hindsight, many that were once thought bad, are in actuality just different. to be sure, some are pretty lousy: the christmas album, Knocked Out Loaded, Saved, Shot of Love... but c'mon theres like 20 legitimately great studio albums and all of the bootleg series are exceptional.

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