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my O my,
the Dynaudio Evidence should be one of the best speakers in the world cosidering the price.
Do you really need the AKG cans?
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I think you should just get the Stax Omega IIs. Seriously, if you sold some of your stuff you could have the top of the line electrostatic earspeaker system.
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Originally posted by Gradoistcool
well that´s cool but i don´t like the tube sound that much, and since i´m not a classical freak i like mostly metal, hard rock, rock, alternative, and pop and some trance and techno, even hip hop, SS is the best for me, i think SAC will be my best choice
what's the point of getting a K1000 for that kind of music? don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing your tastes (I listen to a lot of music like that as well), but I would never get a K1000 for that stuff. They're not made for it. I love the K1000, I think they're absolutely unbelievable. But using them for hard rock and techno? what's the point?
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well i finally got to hear them, my friend´s mom let me hear them, the friend that has them but is in münchen at the moment, anyways she called him and he said OK, so i listened to them, he also has with them the SAC amp, all i can say is wow, i heard gin blossoms, candlebox, and some staind on them(non-audiophile music, yes, but still clean) and i was VERY impressed, the most concert-like sound i have ever heard in any audio reproduction in the world that i have heard, IMO, and i´ve heard a lot and been to many concerts. thanks to you all for all the help, and personally i am not a fan of electrostatic headphones, my martin logan prodigy´s sound great, but i heard both the STAX omega 2 with 707 and the other 7 amp thing and the orpheus, and neither one of them suited my musical tastes, sure they´re great for jazz and classical, but those two genres only fit into my music spectrum about 10% of the time! if that, anyways, i will only use these for rock and alternative, for anything else like techno and hip hop, i have a great array of grados to use for that thanks again guys!
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