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AKG K1000

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since i have never heard these i am going to buy them blindly, my friend that has them never let me hear them, but anyway, he is away in münchen at the moment, so it will be a while and i want to buy K1000´s for christmas, my question is.. what is the best amp for them/combo whatever, and where is the best place to buy them? Do they have enough bass without buying a seperate subwoofer? thanks in advance!
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best amp would be the SAC amp that was specially made for them. Watch out- they need a lot of power and regular headphone amps can't deliver it.
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The K1000 sound amazing with the EAR V20. Its a beautiful tube based integrated amp, but its quite expensive. Around 4 g's if I remember right. You can use a regular speaker amp to drive the K1000s with a special connector, which opens up alot of possibilities.
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well that´s cool but i don´t like the tube sound that much, and since i´m not a classical freak i like mostly metal, hard rock, rock, alternative, and pop and some trance and techno, even hip hop, SS is the best for me, i think SAC will be my best choice
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What subwoofer are you going to use them with?
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Gradoistcool, I don't think the AKG K1000 is for you. With well-mixed and well-recorded classic rock it did sound quite good. But this headphone is certainly for styles of music that are far more refined than pop, trance, techno, and hip-hop. Since the AKG's real strength lies in its soundstage, it's mainly music that is well-recorded and clearly recorded that can benefit from these as the K1000 will better-portray the layout of the musicians.

Then again, I'm one of those people that believes that you don't need very high-end equipment for pop, trance, techno, and hip-hop.
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yes, but you didn´t listen i hear metal and rock *almost* exclusively(newer stuff) so they should be awesome, my K501´s with OBH-11 are! and i am not going to use a subwoofer with them, because if it´s anything like K501 bass, then no worries
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From what I hear the K1000's should be more than just bass shy. Since they sit all the way away from your ear, the bass should be fairly thin. Again, I have never heard them so maybe I am wrong. Meier-audio.com has the SAC amp + K1000 for like $900. If you have the flow to get both at the same time, that is what I would recommend.

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Where's kwkarth when you need him?
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yes, he would be great help, i need people who has actually heard them to tell me their opinions also!!!
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Man, you have alot of grados and own Martin Logan Prodigy and you're 16???.
Do you really need any more headphones especially AKG-1000s?

On the other hand, do you have HPA-2 and SR200? Hehehe
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I believe he is one of the lucky few who have parents who are both audiophiles...
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Who has martin logans? You have martin logans? You bastard!!

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Originally posted by Mumrik
Where's kwkarth when you need him?
Hey you guys know my opinions on the K1000s, what is it you would like me to restate?
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Originally posted by Gradoistcool
yes, he would be great help, i need people who has actually heard them to tell me their opinions also!!!
Hi there. I owned the K1000 for several years and I have the same musical taste as you, for the most part. I also own the Grado 325. Well to be blunt about it, I didnt enjoy the K1000 that much. You can tell it is a sophisticated unit and is extremely well made, but for hard electric music it just didnt click for me. I sold them about 2 months ago to another guy on this forum.
For me the drawback of the K1000 was always that the open design didnt (and cannot) reinforce bass sound waves, like an enclosed or vented headphone can. You *hear* the original bass notes just fine with the K1k, but then they vanish instantly into the air... not what I wanted to hear with hard rock.

But lastly, the K1k is a very very good headphone! You might be very happy with it. Its certainly accurate and precise. Nobody will argue that. If you get a great deal then try them! Matched with the right amp they will probably sound better than what I was using anyway (VTL mono-block amps.)

Hope that helped a little.

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