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Which LOD to get for around 150? - Page 5

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woops wrong thread sorry for the bump.
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Originally Posted by PhilS View Post
Love that phrase: "caught in the turbulence of this insightful discussion." Great stuff.

Have you considered forum sponsor Whiplash Audio? They have one for $35 that looks pretty nice.

Ultra Copper LOD

There are also quite a few DIY guys on the forum who will make you one. Lil' Knight seems to do some good work from comments I have read, and there others also. Some of these guys could probably hit whatever price range you want (within reason).
I also am quite pleased with the personal touch Craig (at Whiplash) adds to contact w/ his customers. I would recommend him to anyone.

On the topic of cables, as always it is subjective. Always a personal choice. It doesn't matter even if it is all in one's head.

As always cable topics seem to be endless.
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Originally Posted by The Monkey View Post
How does silk tame the shrillness of silver?
It's a finer texture than cotton, linen or wool. And you know how unfashionable synthetics are. Though you do have to have silk dry cleaned, which is somewhat impractical.

Audiophilia is fashion and jewelry. There are trends, designer labels, people who buy exclusively from one house, everything. Audiophilia doesn't have much to do with science or engineering these days.
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