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Question about SE530's

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hi, im new here, and i just purchased a pair of shure se530's, for an upgrade of my M-audio ie-10's. the left driver suddenly stopped working so, had to buy a new pair. im wondering how much of a difference there will be between the two? i am hoping the shures absolutely blow them away, from which ive heard they will, but i havent really heard anything comparing them to the ie-10s. and also how would they compare to the ie-40s, i was also considering those. thanks!
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M-audio IE10 is basically UE 3 studio (SF3), which is an entry level IEM. SE530 is top end, which is about two classes above SF3. IE-40 is UE 10 pro (TF10), which is another top end IEM. Look for info regarding TF10 and SE530 and you will know the difference.
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