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Since this thread has been resurrected, I'll throw in another recommendation for Jansport. I have a Jansport backpack that I've been using on a daily basis for over 10 years. It has literally traveled the world with me, and it has stood up amazingly well. Some of the zippers did wear out at one point, but Jansport replaced them for free under their lifetime warranty. As such, Jansport has earned my respect as a company that makes great products and stands behind those products.
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I've been using the North Face Escalada.

I got it last year to replace a Camelback M.U.L.E. that got stolen. So far I'm liking it a lot. I can fit a ton of stuff and it has many smaller compartments. I have used it for hiking and I can fit two water bottles, extra change of clothing or two, rain jackets, lunch, etc.

My only gripes about it are that the lower waist strap is far too weak for the design and a simple step of the foot will snap the connectors. The North Face however would be happy to send you a replacement for free. Luckily for me, I think they sent the wrong one and I got a more heavy duty replacement that is now working a lot better. Also, because of the design (more of a day/hiking pack) it is not very good for everyday use. It can still fit books and whatnot except because of the main zipper design, its not very ergonomic.
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I've been using a Dakine 101 for five years, and it still looks great. Its a wonderful bag. For a daypack, I like Gregory packs. Check out Campmor, they have a large selection and always have something good on sale. Better yet, if you are near Paramus, NJ, go there in person. Its the best outdoors store in northern NJ. Don't forget that is Bergen County where blue laws are in effect so it is closed on Sunday. Also, the hippies that work there force it to close at 7 pm on Saturday. Around 6pm, they start to close around you.
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I have a few backpacks:

T.A.D. Gear fastpack gen 2
T.A.D. Gear fastpack EDC
McKinley Impulse 28
Deuter Speedlite 15

The fastpack EDC & the speedlite see the most use. The fastpack offers a crazy ammount of space for its size and the speedlite is indeed very lite, so it's often my choice to carry my lunch when riding my bike to work.
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You can always sell me your old Gen II....prefer it to the newer EDC and PS
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I got this backpack in the PX at Fort Jackson before i left, paid 60$ for it on base. its Worth 160+ anywhere else. Greatest backpack ever! I can stuff so much stuff into this pack, its insane! And extremely durable and comfortable to wear.

Its the first one on the page.

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I've got a Deuter Futura 28 that I love...highly recommended...
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Originally Posted by andrewsvt View Post
I don't know how much they cost in the US, but they are worth each penny you pay.

| Deuter USA |

You're gonna find any kind of backpack you may look for.
i also recommend deuter heartily. i have used on for everything for 3 years: bicycling, camera toting, picknicking, backpacking, extra luggage - it is strong, light and ver goo for reducing back sweat.
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Originally Posted by Headphile808 View Post
I've used the Ogio Metro for about 3 years now. Get lots of compliments on it.
Ultra durable, more than enough compartments, its got a padded laptop sleeve as well. And looks cool too. Lists at $60 got it at Sports Authority for $36.
Good Luck & Happy Holidays
Agree. the best backpack i got!

Maybe a bit hard with notebook in back sleve, but - hey you cant have everything ...

I like deep side pockets, and waterproof zippers for DAP ... The best choice if you ask me ...
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Up until now I've been using LL Bean bags due to their great replacement policy. I have two of those (only had to replace one once after many many years of use), and a couple weeks ago I purchased a Timbuk2 Commute on REI Outlet for $50.

The medium size bag just barely fits my T500, though it can be done. Very light, should be very durable, seems very comfortable (this one included a strap pad), and their goal to be environmentally friendly is a nice touch. Should fit the bill perfectly to carry my laptop and books around campus.
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If you're looking for a backpack you can't go wrong with a Boblbee. I've had one that's survived about 9+ years of abuse both commuting and air travel. All the while my laptop and other stuff has been safely tucked inside.


Mine is in gray, but you get the idea.

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is that a moustache?
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I'd been using a Chrome Citizen bag for about six years. It started to smell like a butt, so I picked up a Chrome Pawn backback about a month ago. It smells better and my 18 month old nephew fits in it just fine.

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