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on the way



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Can't find a bag that is small enough to pack my small things but won't look like a woman's bag/purse so I bought this hydration bag and took out the fluid pouch.


Nishiki Warwick 100oz.



I like the padded waist strap with pockets


Labeled compartments. Was able to put my small knife, small led flashlight,two large

Oakley hard cases, point and shoot camera, and 3 earphones while the back can fit

an ipad if you remove the hydration pouch(and the back compartment is well padded).   Nice


the 100oz. fluid/hydration pouch pouch

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I'll be picking up an Osprey hydration pack for that same purpose.

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I've got an osprey talon 24. It's a great pack. Mostly use it as daypack. The coming weekend I'll be using it for an overnight hike in the Belgian aredennes. I never expected it to fit the stuff I'm gonna take but it actually does smily_headphones1.gif, Well that is if the forecast changes. Current load is with just a thin flimsy tarp(foil actually comes closer) for good weather.

The reviews weren't lying, it's just gobbles gear, it fits a lot for a pack this size. My old 25 litre couldn't nearly hold as much.
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^ What are your thoughts on the suspension system?

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The Talon series is the lightest of all Osprey series and it shows in the suspension, among others. It's a bit minimalistic though still very comfortable. It miraculously held eveything i needed for a lightweight overnighter, i kept being amazed over and over....

Including 3 liters of water i packed a total of 8.5-9Kg and i have had zero issues. It was comfortable, light, easy to use and showed no stress issues. I noticed that i pulled the shoulder straps pretty tight for better comfort unlike other, stiffer, packs where i left some space between the back of my shoulders and the straps. This however made me have to loosen the shoulderstraps and hipbelt adjusters when taking of the pack and redo the adjustments when continuing, though this was no issue for me as it's fast and easy. The talon hugged my body more and most of the time i didnt notice the pack at all.  This is probably beacuse the suspension is stretchy and that also explains why it needs a tigther adjustment; to avoid the pack to wobble left and right. 

All in all a great pack and If you want a lightweight pack i can highly recommend it. A step up in suspension would be the Atmos i think. Stiffer/heavier pack but sturdier suspension and pack as a whole.


Though for an overnighter 24liters is very minimal and chances are i'm getting a larger pack for that

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I have this. The Mission Workshop Sanction and love it.





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Originally Posted by J.Pocalypse View Post

I have this. The Mission Workshop Sanction and love it.





Love their design, wish I could afford the Arkiv R2

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I have various Camelbak bags, and love the brand, but I most adore my Kelty Redwing 50 bag in Indigo.  I can carry all of my wrestling and Jazzercise gear in the bag, use it as an overhead compartment, and has hydration tube cutouts as well, so I always use the 100 oz Camelbak bladder with the Antidote Insulated Tube Director.  Awesome, all in one bag!

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I saw the Missionworkshop Vandal a couple weeks ago in store, it's a 64L pack, and it's MASSIVE

still rocking my Northface Surge v1 from 3 years ago, i think i read the recommendations here before i bought XD
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Just received http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B002SXMRO4/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 two weeks ago and LOVE it.  The zippers are a bit stiff, but great amount of room, very comfy, so many pockets and well built.  I'm glad I bought it when I did because the price is $20 more than when I purchased it, although I'd still spent $80+ on the backpack.  Highly recommend

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The thing I don't like about all the new Swissgear bags (last 3-4 years) is that they have all those unsightly large zippers. :s
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Got an Osprey Stratos 36 in Solar Flare orange about a month ago, and I love this thing. Feels tough and ready for adventure. Suspension system certainly takes some getting used to, but living in such a hot environment it's a killer feature. I use it as my everyday bag. The bright orange color and outdoors-y look of it certainly attract attention, but I personally like the style of it. Plus Osprey's warranty gives me a lot of piece of mind. Only flaw I've found so far is that it doesn't like standing upright... working on a little hack to fix this. Otherwise, I'm totally enamored by this bag.


I can try to get pictures of it (my camera is film, so it'll be a little while), and I'd love to answer any questions y'all might have!


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