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Underarmor will last u forever

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Originally Posted by DarkSpoon View Post

****** SLAYER!

Originally Posted by Stitch View Post


And Burzum!
His style isnt exactly my cup o'tea but its good in its own manner. More a Mayhem, Marduk and some Gorgoroth kinda guy.

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A big thumbs up for dfkt backpack !


Thanks for your comments, guys! (Yet no comments on the Spongebob, Fat Freddie, and Atari buttons, I see.... ;)


Stitch, you should give Varg's new album "Belus" a try - it's quite different from his old pre-prison stuff. And rather listenable, concerning mixing/mastering as well, compared to his old albums...

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Figured I would update and say I ended up getting this.



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Hey Backpack-fi'ers,


I'm looking at two backpacks from two different online retailers, one from LApolicegear.com and the other from Rockymountaintrail.com.


Naturally, I'm suspicious about ordering from any online store that I haven't ordered from before, so I figured I should ask here if anyone has had any problems with either retailer.


Thanks in advance.


EDIT: Just in case you were intending to respond later, I already took the plunge and bought a North Face Surge. Maybe I'll post my impressions when I get it. 

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LAPG can go die in a hole, stealing basterds. Copies from other manufacturers and sells themas their own design. No business from me.

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I just recently got the Astro Gaming Scout pack to use as a laptop bag and Im loving it. Numerous pockets and fits my 15in work laptop and all my work stuff easily. Plenty of padding and pockets. I would definitely recommend it!

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Yesterday I got my North Face Surge. This thing feels like it could last for years!

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Originally Posted by Planar_head View Post

Yesterday I got my North Face Surge. This thing feels like it could last for years!

i love that bag. my dog chewed off the top handle a week after i got it but other than that it's been going strong.

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Alright, here's my initial impressions about the North Face Surge:


Amazing. This thing hold everything that I would need and more. Plenty of pockets, a huge main compartment, and yet it still can hold a 15.6" widescreen laptop. This backpack could probably haul around my camera gear all day long, and the person wearing the backpack wouldn't feel like the backpack is weighing them down too much.


It's well built, tons of room, nice black, wouldn't be surprised if it lasted 5 years or longer.

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A friend of mine has a North face pack, don't know the type. If treaten right it will last you a decade at least.

Still awaiting my Blackhawk Cyclone pack.

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ah heck you don't even have to treat it right.

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I just received shipment of a FUL Cross Fade wheeled backpack:




I purchased mine from http://www.productexpress.com/  for only $79.99 USD including a free upgrade to overnight shipping and free two way return shipping option for full refunds.


FUL provides a 10 year warranty and a limited 1 year defect free manufacturing warranty as well.

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i bought that backpack for 30 bucks in my country, its worth ~100 or more, looks cool, has laptop sleev in side, not too many pockets inside, but outside has some wierd zipper thing that opens a bunch of pockets, holders

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Originally Posted by Uncle Erik View Post

I've been a longtime REI customer and member.

My Scout troop took a backpacking trip every month through the local mountains and Sierras. Every year we took a 7-10 day trek through the high Sierras. Everyone used REI gear and it truly takes a beating and holds up. So I've always stuck with them. I recently replaced my 11 year old REI rain jacket, but only because I shrank a few sizes recently () and it was too big. It survived eight years of almost daily wear in Oregon's rainstorms and I'm keeping it in the closet to lend out.


What troop were you? I used to be a scout (troop 16) until I made Eagle.  Anyway I have always liked gear made by Black Diamond and Patagonia.

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Originally Posted by tdogzthmn View Post


What troop were you? I used to be a scout (troop 16) until I made Eagle.  Anyway I have always liked gear made by Black Diamond and Patagonia.

Troop 849 in Manhattan Beach - they're still packing all over, too.  I made Eagle, too.  :)

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