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looks like a lum-tec watch with black nylon/cloth strap. I'm not sure though

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It's a Seiko SRP027K1 on a maratac zulu, and it's not exactly what I'd call tactical. Haha.

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Had a Crumpler Complete Seed I LOVED, until it got jacked by my scum bag ex-business partner. Been using my OLD Ogio Metro now. Still takes any hit I give it, getting lost in transit to Vegas, getting dragged around drunk, you name it.

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For messenger-type bags, check out the Mystery Ranch Outsider...Gen 1 is the one to get...tons of features, love it!

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I've got a Timbuk2 XL messenger bag.  I love it because it's so huge.  You can probably fit anything you'd ever want to carry inside, plus more.  It was great at college.  I'd throw all my books, and my laptop bag inside it.  It ofter weighed in at more than 50 pounds.


xl bag 2.JPG


10 inch netbook provided for scale.


xl bag 1.jpg


Further scale.  Note the model is 5' 10".



Those backpacks you posted pics of look pretty large too.  Got any specs?

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I've been commuting with my Mobile Edge Express backpack now for over a year and a half. Excellent build, looks, and comfort. I picked mine up for about $45.



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Looks real nice.


Off topic: how did you upload the image?

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I'm looking for a classy (I like leather) messenger bag for a 14.1" laptop and a few papers for under $150. Any ideas?

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I have an Osprey, and although it's a bit more of a camping back, I take it everywhere with me. It's lightweight; it holds a lot; it's durable; it's comfortable; it breathes well; and, not to mention it's guaranteed for life. Mine got dinged up a bit, and they just replaced the whole bag.

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Going to order a Blackhawk S.T.R.I.K.E. Cyclone pack when i find a store in europe that has the right color(Foliage green or ACU) in stock. So far the only store that does have it in stock only has black. Tomorrow they'll let me know if they have the other colors too. If not, black it is.

Will be my outdoor/bush/hiking pack.



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Originally Posted by dfkt View Post


****** SLAYER!

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Originally Posted by DarkSpoon View Post

****** SLAYER!

And Burzum!
His style isnt exactly my cup o'tea but its good in its own manner. More a Mayhem, Marduk and some Gorgoroth kinda guy.

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A big thumbs up for dfkt backpack !

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