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I have to throw in Crumpler

I have three and will never go elsewhere again... lifetime warranty and made extremely well

Also Freitag, more expensive but very good (I have one of these as well)
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I'm all about dakine backpacks. I have a backpack from them that over 7 years old and has taken some SERIOUS abuse since I used it for school. I went through at least 3 backpacks before I found out about them and they really last. I picked up a dakine guide recently, and its pretty nice. It has a ton of compartments, and I can fit everything I need into it for a weekend get away.
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Originally Posted by shuttleboi View Post
Thanks for that!
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My all-time favorite North Face backpack:

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Time for a REVIVAL!


My new bag...TAD Gear Litespeed:











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Where's the amp pocket?

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I don't use one

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Originally Posted by fameh View Post

You can take a look at Simpak backpacks. They are quite nice and a bit cheaper than your budget.
They have good protections inside so you can easy take a laptop, if you like. I think they are pretty, with the style you say ^^.

where can you buy these?

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If anyone is interested, I bought and reviewed the Tactical Tailor Urban Operator.


Quick overview/bag dump video to show its layout more or less..



Full review here:


I'm returning it and instead I got the 5.11 RUSH24. The TT isn't comfortable.. :(

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OOOOOOh, I like this thread! 


The REI Lookout bag got me all over the world in the 7 or 8 years that I have had it. Its taken a ton of abuse and still works/looks great.
REI Lookout.jpg

It is too big for everyday use, though, so I got an Osprey Stratos 24 last summer. This is a great bike bag, as it forms perfectly to my body (curves with my back and fits perfectly side to side as well) and the color is good for visibility. This is the first pack I have had that really feels like an extension of me.


It also has a great feature that helps keep my back dry even on hot days of riding. These packs have a mesh backing and an "aircore" between the mesh material and the back of the pack. Even on hot days the pack gets plenty of circulation and feels much more comfortable than a traditional pack.


Finally, even my bike has a backpack!

MTX1.jpg mtx2.jpg

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Hmmm. A thread I have a lot of interest in right now.



I need a backpack, but something that stands out and doesn't look like a regular backpack. I have messengers and similar bags, but I specifically need a backpack.



Not for sports use, it will be worn with suits / casual wear only. I'm aiming for the cleanest look. Accommodation for 17-inch laptops with padded compartment, which rules out the Axio hardpacks (the only 17-inch it takes is the Mac, and then barely).



But the Axios are visually the baseline of what I'm looking for. CLEAN. Only the shoulder straps should be on show. No outside pockets. Zips, etc should be hidden or fully integrated into the design of the pack. Additional clasps, mesh pockets, etc - no. Pack material should not interfere with Bluetooth transmission.



Budgetwise, well I'm very flexible. Any recommendations?

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Some of the bags here are really nice.. I'm thinking of getting one for school, wonder if Dakine or Northface has backpacks small enough for 5'4" asian guy like me. =/

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The facts:


- My actual backpack can't take it anymore. I've sent it to be repaired several times but after some usage it always rips apart. The thing is I like so much that I decide to used as it is (i.e., ripped open) but now people are starting to call me hobo.


- I'm a law student working in a law office and I need to be able carry some books, laptop (15') and eventually cruacially important documents.


The request:


- I need a backpack that can easily hold my stuff (books, laptops and documents) which means that it should have a couple compartments.


- It needs to match the typical suit, which means darker colours and slimmer model.


- And most important, it needs to fit my back and stay there. My actual backpack seems to be attached to me, even if I'm running.


Edit: Someone mentioned Booq and I went to google it. Damn, I'm in love with Booq Taipan.





Do you guys now a seller willing to ship one of these abroad?

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Brandon/cyberspyder sucks :P I'm still waiting on the late restock of black litespeeds. I was considering getting the TAD dispatch, but I hate how messengers fit when I ride my bike(ironic right) or run. I haven't tried the new Timbuk2s with the different strap, but I should. Also the dispatch doesn't hold as much as my old Oakley O Pack 2.0 i'm currently using. 


For the people who carry a laptop, which has a greater effect on your comfort, the weight of the laptop, or how the bag's weight distribution? I think I'm fairly fit but find carrying my computer unbearable. 

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Hey n00b, what is the watch you're wearing in the video? It looks somewhat thin for a tactical type watch. I like that.
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