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Originally Posted by VicAjax View Post
that's a little what i was afraid of. i probably don't need more room... really i just need compartments... shades, pens, phone, ID, etc.

do you have the 13" or the 15"?
I have the 15". compartments are nice and big. i can take some pics of it full later if you want, but for what you said there any either size would be fine.
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ordered a granite gear pack. should be here today
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Originally Posted by cyberspyder View Post
Wait, which green bag is he talking about?
Sorry, my bad, I should have read a littler further back, I believe he was referring to your fine piece of gear.
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I've been using the Jansport RPM for a year. The compartments are okay, lots of room for improvement but I couldn't resist the style. lol

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Originally Posted by cyberspyder View Post
That backpack looks awesome. How much did it cost?
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$160 new, got it for $120. Can't find it now because it's an older generation, they have gone through 2 revisions already, but the price is almost triple the price because it's made in the States.
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Damn, that's a good price compared to the $340 of the current-gen fastpack...
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The Super Ego Messenger Bag by: TOM BIHN

my lovely bag. Big main compartment. Front slip holds alot of my lil devices and adapters. And designer looking. And doesn't look huge to my scale (5'9" medium frame). And it can be latched to your back if you want!
adjustable bottle thingies on the side, can hold up to on of those bigger Gatorade bottles.
<3 this bag; I got the red color cause this bag deserves to stand out!
2 years I've had it now; and not a frill on any thread! Very sturdy.

I am definitely a fan of the company now.
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I have two messenger bags:

A Chrome brown black metropolis:

And a Timbuk2 SF Urban Grid Small:

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weird that i stumbled on this thread....i just received the ohmetric 3-in-1 today. i haven't gone out and used it yet, but for the price i'm pretty pleased with it. pretty roomy, lots of pockets, comfortable, and cheap! also that laptop guard is rad.

i bought it from for $40 + shipping but they sold out now i think. google searches came up with plenty of other retailers selling it for around the same price.

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yellow (custom color) Bailey Works Super Pro Messenger in medium.

(stole image off flickr, so that one's obviously a L)
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I like subtlety with simple colours and no labels. So I got this messenger bag from Banana Republic back in October. The main flap is held in place by magnets.

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i just got a new backpack. my old INIT fell apart after a year so i figured id get something with some quality and durability. i went with The North Face Surge. the laptop compartment is padded really well and fits my elitebook(15.6" screen) very nicely. tons of compartments and storage as well. and now for the onslaught of photos

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I can't remember the model (looks similar to the Urban) but I bought one of their hardpacks about 4 years ago and it's still going strong. They are spendy though but well worth it.

After about a year of use the hard shell got all scratched up so I sanded it down and did a couple coats of flat black spray paint with a clear coat on top. It looks freaking awesome. I have to redo it about every year and a half because of general wear and scratches but it's worth it.
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I am currently using an Oakley Icon 2.0. It can hold much more than it looks, pretty tough and has a laptop compartment big enough for my 15". I would have hoped there's some padding on the bottom though.

Before this I've used Columbia and Jansport packs.
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