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i'm looking for a kickin' urban backpack that is well-made, has lots of pockets/organizing gizmos, looks cool (and a laptop pocket/sleeve is a plus, but i can improvise).

it needs to be sturdy enough for travel, and light enough for weekends in the city. preferably no more than $100. oh, and its got to have some style.

show me your packs!

never thought i'd start a -fi thread.
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Highly recommend Haglöfs backpacks.
I have one myself (Tight Pro Large), which go with me everywhere. Top notch product!

HAGLÖFS | Language Products Backpacks

I have this one:
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I purchased a Jansport almost two years ago now, and haven't had an issue with it. I have had two friends buy the bag after using mine for a while. I use it to carry my 13" MacBook, and it does a very good job of protecting from jolts and drops. With the laptop in the bag, and expanded to its full size I can still fit a couple binders, notebooks and a textbook. Of course I could just carry several textbooks etc. etc.

So i would recommend the Jansport Air Penny:

I found it online, quickly for $100. I am sure some searching could get the price down easily.
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I don't know how much they cost in the US, but they are worth each penny you pay.

| Deuter USA |

You're gonna find any kind of backpack you may look for.
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I've been a longtime REI customer and member.

My Scout troop took a backpacking trip every month through the local mountains and Sierras. Every year we took a 7-10 day trek through the high Sierras. Everyone used REI gear and it truly takes a beating and holds up. So I've always stuck with them. I recently replaced my 11 year old REI rain jacket, but only because I shrank a few sizes recently () and it was too big. It survived eight years of almost daily wear in Oregon's rainstorms and I'm keeping it in the closet to lend out.
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Maxpedition also sells some quality gear. I have not used their packs but I have a range bag that I have used daily for over 5 years with no sign of wear. another + is that with small straps they sell you can add on other gear to a pack or bag to increase its versatiility.
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The wide world of backpacks. I'm never without one. Its my man purse. I HATE carrying crap in my pockets.

Style is just too subjective. And you, as a male model, will likely have a different eye than I. In lieu, I will share my my favorite backpack etailers:

Campmor - You can search by function and maker.
Hiking Backpacks - Daypacks - Fanny Packs - Rucksacks - North Face - Jansport - High Sierra - Camelbak and More

Sierra Trading Post
Search: laptop at Sierra Trading Post

Here's two that caught my eye:
Timbuk2 Commute Daypack - Save 37%

The North Face Surge Daypack from Campmor (Bittersweet Brown)

I've owned a lot of name brand bags (Jansport, Mountainsmith, Timbuk2, North Face, Marmot, etc). Never really had issues with any of them. The only brands I'd recommend staying far away from is Oakley and Crumpler. The Oakley I received --free, thankfully-- was a joke. Aesthetically, I think it was designed for a mall ninja. Crumpler spends its money on its goofy website, not on zipper stitching. I pulled the zipper clean off one of their bags.
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I have a Mobile Edge backpack. They have tons of space and are very ergonomic for carrying heavy loads. I love mine, check them out.
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You can take a look at Simpak backpacks. They are quite nice and a bit cheaper than your budget.
They have good protections inside so you can easy take a laptop, if you like. I think they are pretty, with the style you say ^^.

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I use this backpack from EMS.

The other pack that I considered seriously was the Surge from Northface. I ended up thinking that the Northface had too many straps hanging out. I use the pack for work and thought that the straps might get caught on stuff.

The Charleston Pack from EMS has the added advantage of using recycled material. I do like it.
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SwissGear Backpacks! I've been using them for about 3 years now, and they are the best ones I've gotten into so far. Very durable, rather non-expensive (they fall within the OP's price range) and they have loads and loads of pockets and storage space.
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I've used the Ogio Metro for about 3 years now. Get lots of compliments on it.
Ultra durable, more than enough compartments, its got a padded laptop sleeve as well. And looks cool too. Lists at $60 got it at Sports Authority for $36.
Good Luck & Happy Holidays
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I like eBags Official Site: over 35,000 bags at Great Prices - eBags for researching the different styles and reading the reviews.
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I have a HP backpack I bought on Dubay for 30 euros. It's laptop oriented fitting up to 17" laptops (yes, it's big).
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