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Have seen the results. Haven't seen the fights.


1) Lawler smashing Rory was everything I hoped for concerning that fight.


2) Koscheck getting smashed was just a bonus.


3) VADA/WADA-gate - I used to like Hendricks (I was a big fan of him and when this fight was signed, I wanted HIM to carry on the GSP torch - noone else seemed worthy imo), but ever since this whole "VADA testing? Oh hell yeah!" 180 turn to "Nah we're not gonna do additional testing" made me dislike him so, so much. Not only showed he a lack of true character, but he also showed that he has no integrity, his words are worth nothing and most important of all - that he's wiolling to lie to his fans to get away with whatever he was trying to get away with (yeah, we all know what I'm implying here). Lying to your fans, your boss and the whole MMA media about doing additional testing just to tuck your tail between your legs like a little girl and cowardly stick your head in the sand about it is just something I can't like or stand behind. So, no matter how much of a BS decision it was, no matter how much of a robbery it was, I wanted Hendricks to lose and he did. I'm satisfied. 

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Looks like I missed a lot.
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Hendricks was robbed, this is the second decision (Jones Gustafson being the first), where UFC is protecting it's cash cows/interest of promoters/Vegas bookies are taking over.  This is why boxing is a dead sport.  

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Seems like the challenger needs a KO/TKO/Sub to get the nod these days. This whole champion gets 'the benefit of the doubt' judging is ****ting me.

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Watched it four times now.  When I watch it from GSP's view, I feel like I got my butt kicked.

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BREAKING NEWS: Welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre has announced he will vacate his title to take a much needed personal break. Johny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler will fight for the vacated 170-pound title at UFC 171 in Dallas Texas! Tickets go on sale January 17th. Story: http://on.ufc.com/1cGJpbb
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I saw that last night it will be a good fight but I hope bigg rigg is finally made champ
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Top comment from the link is a good question.  Why not give the fight to Condit, he's ranked #2.

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Conduit bigg rigg would be a better fight I agree, either way I figure they'll fight again
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It's not even a matter of what would be a better fight.  What's the point of a ranking system if you're not pitting #1 against #2?  Why shouldn't #2 have a shot before #3?  Makes no sense.

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Maybe Condit was already booked? Also, prize fighting is about entertainment, not about what's fair.


Also, I'd love it if Lawler KO'ed Hendricks, just to hear him whine (again).

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I know what you mean, I don't know how they figure the fights, like Diaz getting a title shot before bigg rigg also. Hendricks and conduit fought 6 months ago and Lawler looked better against Rory than conduit did IMHO. They rarely go strictly on 1 vs 2 anyways.

I like Conduit and I actually think he'd take Hendricks in a 5 rounder..

If you remember in older days when Tito was dodging Chuck they put that fight off for a year and a half...
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FYI. This is TODAY. Right now: 


UFC on FOX 9: Johnson vs Benavidez II

Main Card  FOX  8pm EST

Demetrious Johnson vs. Joseph Benavidez for UFC flyweight title
Urijah Faber vs. Michael McDonald
Nik Lentz vs. Chad Mendes
Mac Danzig vs. Joe Lauzon

Prelims  FOX Sports 1  5pm EST

Ryan LaFlare vs. Court McGee
Edson Barboza vs. Danny Castillo
Bobby Green vs. Pat Healy
Scott Jorgensen vs. Zach Makovsky
Cody McKenzie vs. Sam Stout
Roger Bowling vs. Abel Trujillo

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So, Anderson Silva…

Bye bye.
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Ugh. Silva has already has surgery and has a rod in his leg. I would have rather seen a clean win for Weidman.  I wonder if there will be a Silva Weidman III? I guess it depends on Silva and if Weidman can beat Vitor Belfort. 

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