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Originally Posted by grokit View Post

The only reason Bones is fighting Sonnen is because Chaz is a shameless self-promoter looking for a big payday. I will be surprised if this fight is even competitive.

I agree with this.  Jones/Sonnen doesn't really interest me, with a middle weight fighter moving up to fight a much larger man in Jones making Sonnen a huge underdog in my eyes.  Sonnen has been vocal about taking any and all big name fighters on whenever an opening comes up, but he really hasn't earned this shot at the light heavyweight belt. 

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Same here. There are many more who deserve it. Primarily Hendo, who is pretty pissed off. Machida and Evans clearly has made their name in LHW. And Shogun-Gustafsson should have been a title contention match.


Well UFC needs moar money. TUF needs moar rating. So money > common sense.

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Sonnet is a one trick pony, but didn't Sonnet come closer to beating Silva than anyone in the UFC has?
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I'm not a Sonnen fan, but he's a strong second best middleweight after the Silva future hall of famer.  Sonnen isn't a one trick pony, he beat Bisping he destroyed Brian Stann, made him look like an amateur.  He also has wins over Nate Marquardt and Okami.  He's just fighting arguably the sports best fighter in UFC history.  I don't really care for Sonnen because he runs his mouth a lot, but most of the time he can back it up.


I'd really like to see Jones/Hendo, I think Hendo could give him a good run.  Also to the guys that say Jones would destroy Silva, you are forgetting UFC 94 where Bonnar took an up and coming Jones the distance.  Silva made Bonnar look awful.  I think a good retirement fight would be Forest and Bonnar they can both get their last payday and retire. 


I'm really curious to see the GSP Conduit fight, supposedly if GSP wins, there might be GSP vs Silva..I really think Silva vs Machida or theres talk of Silva and Cung Le would be entertaining fights.

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I doubt Silva would fight Machida, they are good friends and training partners. Interesting match up though.
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Silva vs Machida would be awesome, whatever weight class they fight at there could be a rematch in the other one.
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Yeah they could just do a cache weight fight, or however you spell that word.

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Catchweight? Not likely. Silva is 205 when he is not in training. And he is 3-0 at 205. It would make more sense if the fight is at LHW, which I doubt would happen as they are good friends.
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Well, Silva doesn't want to fight Jones because of them being friends. Now, how would Dana convince him to fight Machida, his friend and training partner? It ain't gonna happen folks, unless either of them turns their back on Black House.

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Well Jones vs Evans did happened. They were best bros. Such fights are possible, but unlikely. Very unlikely.
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I know I've seen all the dynamics, it's nice to think about though, I'm hoping my man Hendo is going to take out Nate Diaz...not sure how he'd do against Gray Maynard though...lots of interesting fights in the making..GSP vs Conduit looks good, Silva vs Cung would be an interesting one.  Also Frankie Edgar is going to fight Jose Aldo somewhat soon..

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I would love to see an Aldo vs Edgar fight! Though I believe Aldo would have the edge.
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henderson vs diaz has some interesting fights but man do i dislike that its on fox. rua vs gustafsson is going to be awesome. i kinda remember getting pumped up seeing how good he was. another rising fighter i wanna see fight is mcdonald. he seems to man handle most of his opponents. its gonna be a great match against penn. last i wanna see the schaub fight. i feel so bad every time he gets knocked out, im not a fan of his but it just seems he keeps getting hit with very lucky shots.


i dont know. cant wait for that event. think im going to freeze myself in some snow and get unfrozen the day of the fights. seems like a good idea.

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Saw this and was thinking of you guys (no homo).  wink_face.gif


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Eee Pee, those were the days when fighters like His Hawtness fought. Back when Pride existed. Too bad the Pride and the Yakuza killed it.

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