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I don't think you're giving Anderson Silva enough credit. He's been around a lot longer than Jones. That probably doesn't mean much. But technically I'd say they are on the same level. Actually I'd give Silva the advantage technically. The only thing Jones has over Silva is reach. But don't forget Silva is a master at range and timing. Something I haven't really seen Jones perfect at. 

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I would love to see this match up.

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I like Silva, his standup is off the charts, you don't really know with what he will come up, but his ground game and fighting from the back is pretty disappointing to be honest with you, Sonnen managed to wrestle with him for 20+ minutes. Spider deserves all the praise and he's one of the legends and future hall of famer, but I just can't see him beating up Jon Jones. Jones is the future, one of those freak athletes who don't train particular style, but MMA. Vitor caught him with that armbar and believe me nobody in the future will be able to repeat that because he will perfect it on the training. Jones always come up better in every fight, with Silva you know what he will bring to the table.


Even Silva when asked about that fight says that Jones is too big and shakes his head. One more thing, I don't want to discredit Silva's streak but look up who he fought and Jones, I am not big fan of the Jones the person, but kid has balls and doesn't duck defending the belt. I also think he made the right decision by ducking the Sonnen fight. He is smart businessman and excellent fighter.


It doesn't make sense to Jones fighting the Anderson and it doesn't make sense him go up to heavyweight like some people are talking. He would get his ass kicked by JDS or Overeem.


Spider vs GSP, now we are talking about interesting super-fight. 

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It makes total sense for Silva to fight Jones. They are in the same league. GSP vs Silva would be a good match too, but honestly GSP is not a real fighter to me. Just a good wrestler that has a good game plan and is good at following directions. Incredible athlete. 


It baffles me when people keep talking about the Sonnen vs. Silva fight. How Sonnen had him so good. While Sonnen is a decent fighter with good ground and pound. I tend to believe that Silva had deliberately let Sonnen go all 5 rounds. He was making a point of submitting him for dissing the Noguiera jiujitsu. Did you watch Sonnen vs Silva II?


I agree, Silva's ground game may not be the best. We ever hardly see him on the ground because he's so good at standup and takedown defense. If Jones takes Silva down, however, I don't think it'll be a problem for Silva to get back up, we've seen him do it before. 


I don't understand your point of who fought who? They both fought a good amount of credible fighters...

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Great thread! I didn't even know it existed. Just catching up...


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I'm a big Jones fan, but I have noticed him go from humble to a bit cocky and stubborn as his popularity increased. He's still young, so that happens (see football and basketball for loads of examples).


Honestly, I don't want to see a rematch with the dragon. I get tired of everyone fighting twice. If you get your ass kicked, you should have to wait a long ass time. I just don't think you should have to beat everyone twice as champ before they let you move on. Just my $.02


Jones doesn't want a rematch with Machida because the risk/reward ratio is too low. It's not just the low PPV numbers, it's the fact that Machida is the only fighter to ever take a round from Jones (I know, debatable).



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the potential knockout power would have been interesting. while i dont think he would have won it would have been a beautiful fight if he just happen get a lucky punch and knock out jones. to bad. i was really excited for the fight too.

Don't forget that Hendo is also a wrestler, not just someone with a big right hand. That might play a part in the fight. Unfortunately he has got a huge disadvantage in reach and athleticism.


After a Machida rematch my pick for Jones would be Henderson. Not that it will matter; Jones has now defeated five ex-champions in a row and there's really nobody out there to challenge him at this point.



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That little Mighty Mouse fella is something else.  


Jones was Jones.  I wanted to see him get rocked, but it just doesn't happen (but once) cause he can defend very well.


X2 on both points.



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Man, that armbar was tight, he had him good. Maybe Vitor should've been more ruthless and just broke it. I thought I saw him get a few good shots in..


Jon Jones was being careless and made a few mistakes. He's getting cockier every fight like Anderson Silva, to a point where you want to stop cheering for him and go for the underdog. Speaking of the Spider, can they just make that fight happen already? Jon Jones vs. Anderson Silva, that's a fight I want to watch!


If it does comes down, I think I'd put my money on the spider, just because he has more experience. maybe...


Mighty Mouse is damn fast. Benavidez is a good fighter, but damn. Mighty Mouse so quick.


Damn straight, that was Belfort's only chance. Bones wouldn't have shown him the same consideration, that's for sure.


That flyweight bout stole the show.



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The only thing Jones has over Silva is reach. But don't forget Silva is a master at range and timing. Something I haven't really seen Jones perfect at. 


Good point, but Jones *only* has a 7" reach advantage this time. It was over a foot against Belfort.



I want to see Mark Hunt fight again, he's got the best punching power I've seen since Roberto Duran (lb. for lb. of course).

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Mark Hunt vs Roy Nelson, put a cake in the middle of the octagon and the rest will be the history.


As far as I've heard Machida ain't getting the rematch because he didn't take it now. I think they will make Jones vs Hendo first and then maybe Machida rematch or Gustafsson will get his chance before Machida.


There's also that new guy, Glover Teixiera who will be in the top of the division pretty fast, but it will take long time before he will have a chance at the title shot.


Hendo vs Jones, it will be all about first round, if it go beyond that then it will be boring fight because Dan will be gassed. Hope that H-BOMB will land :D.

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Lol biggrin.gif


I googled Mark Hunt vs Roy Nelson and found this gem:


"Nelson wouldn't dare to stand and trade with Hunt.
He'll be diving for takedowns for the entire fight."


Another one:


"Terrible fight for Hunt, nelson has a concrete head."



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I did no knew Nelson will fight against Hunt,great Big Country fan here.By the way ,for you who are North Americans,why Roy Nelson has this nickname?


I agree with Grokit,that Flyweight was nice to see,they just did not stop any second to fight,it was like to see some little lizard combat,It was even funny!I guess it is because (contrary to the Heavyweight category) of the low mass impact ,which would be hard to see some knockout.

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Nelson is fighting Carwin, not Hunt. It's just as talking.

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I am a fan of all three fighter mentioned above- Nelson, Carvin and Mark Hunt. They come to fight and always give their 100%. That is what we need- humble. honest warriors, not self-promoting big-mouths.

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They're getting us ready.


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Favourite performance from UFC Struve vs. Miocic  =   Brad Pickett's uppercut....blink.gif  wow

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Wiman's armbar on Sass.

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I know Bonnar is a pretty good martial artist, and shouldn't be taken lightly. Still, I can't get rid of this feeling that he's being fed to the lions here, and that Silva is not even on the same map, but in a whole other universe compared to Bonnar. The thing about Bonnar though, is that he has a pretty good chin and is a hard worker in his fights - which could make for a better fight than other fighters have presented Silva in the LHW class. It'd be interesting to see Silva take on Shogun if they ever did that, seeing as both come from Chute Boxe. I think Shogun would want that fight on the ground as his ground game is supposedly better than Silvas. Also, I get reminded of the Silva Azeredo fight which brings me nostalgic feelings because Azeredo always was one of my favorite fighters. Azeredo might not have had the best record of all times, but he's been in more than one of my top ten fights - which for a single fighter is pretty damn good. Also, talent wise I always rated him higher than his record and ranking would suggest.

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Originally Posted by nsk1 View Post

Wiman's armbar on Sass.

That was awesome, not a bad event all in all biggrin.gif

Yes Silva vs Bonnar is a miss match, but to make a good fight someone has to take a beating...and Bonnar is famously good at taking punishment!
This might sound wrong but he's my second favourite guy to watch getting beat up next to Roy Nelson.
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