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Is a Corda Cross 1 buildable by a beginner?

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As per my thread here http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f5/loo...rdware-393725/ I am in need of Crossfeed hardware. I didn't realize they would be so hard to come by.

I would have much preferred to buy one, or pay someone to build one for me so I could avoid the mess (and inevitable disaster) that will occur if I try to make my own, but that hasn't worked so far so I'm at least considering trying to build one.

My question is, is this a project worth attempting given that I have zero experience building anything? I realize it's not the type of project where I can blow up the house, or catch the cat on fire, but it still looks to be way over my head. Are the pieces needed generally available at electronics parts stores?

If anyone could offer their opinion or advice before I attempt this I'd appreciate it. Of course if you happen to know of anyone, or a company that sells crossfeeds that I may have missed in my search and could point me in the right direction that would work as well.
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I have sent Jan an email(some months ago) to inquire about a pcb and he replied "there are no more", so you could maybe build one with an general purpose breadboard/PCboard(this is what I have been thinking anyways).
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You know, I would like to have this option also. Did you by chance run across this page in your research:

XinFeed passive crossfeed filter for headphones

Seems to suggest the Xin designer as a possible source for a passive crossfeed. Here's his page:

XinFeed External Add-on Module

But the item is not listed on his order page. I dropped them an email. Will report back what I find out.
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Tangent sells a crossfeed kit based on the CMoy Linkwitz design. Look up audiologica.com. The wiring is complicated, but not a problem if you are patient and go slowly.

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Thanks for this fortney. Gonna check that out.

Here is where I actually found them: http://tangentsoft.net/audio/
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Sure, you can build the Cross-1 if you want. It's a passive design, so you don't have to worry about a power supply or frying yourself or your headphones if you do something wrong. It'll either work or not.

With a little planning, you should be able to put one down on a regular breadboard. All the parts are readily available and not terribly expensive.
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that might well sound like a stupid question but anyways: are 1-Watt-Metalfilm-resistors ok with it? And is that really helpful picture there using the exact same parts as the List on Meier Audio?

Please help a DIY-nob who wants to learn
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1/8th watt or 1/4 watt resistors are plenty... the 1W will physically be a bit large, but will work fine if you don't mind the size. I believe that diagram uses the same parts list (to the extent that a diagram would depend upon it).
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Originally Posted by MrKazador View Post

How big is the breadboard and the box for this construction? (If you're still around after five years...)
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