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IEM for working out? Some are TOO good for me? cx300 > or < scl4

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I have recently ordered a pair of Shure SCL4s but I am starting to have second thoughts.

The reason is this: I bought these for 100 dollars and I also bought the CX300s which are arriving (for my dad) for 14 dollars. My use of these is purely portable since I have headphones at home. So I would be long boarding with them on, I would walking with them on, at the gym working out with them on, and basically I will try and take the best care of it but can only take care of them as well as situations allow me to. I find that in the past I have abused my earphones without actively trying to. Like earphones falling into the water fountain, earphones being pulled off me real fast because I'm taking off my backpack, etc.

SO.... is it worth it (and keep in mind i'm no audiophile and I also don't have an amp) to get the SCL4s for the sound quality? Or are the CX300s good enough for me to manage? I mean the cost difference is over 80 dollars and seeing as how they won't be used for anything other than portable and commute, I don't know if it's worth it. Exactly how unbelievably different are the two sets?

Thanks for the input guys
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sound just like me. im also looking to get some portable headphones to use for longboarding and everyday use.
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Since you ordered em check the return policy first, if it seems good. I would try em both and see what you think, no sense sending something back you may have liked.

Me. I have a pair of Klipsch x10s for day to day use and a pair of Altec Lansing iM716s for gym heavy activity use. Reason I keep a separate pair is mainly due to sweat and plus I have custom tips on my x10s.

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you must take into account that most earphones are not specifically designed for excersize use and so on and there are phones out there designed to cope with this use.

however high end phones are certainly designed to put up with abuse as manufacturers know exactly how much your paying for earphones and that they could be used every single day. as a result most high end earphones are built with durability in mind, you will have cables with kevlar weaving etc etc along with certain stress points crafted to take a damn good tug. cheaper earphones will break more likely but then they are cheap and the durability is not important like it is when your paying big money.

however although manufacturers will do what they can to make earphones as strong as possible, they still need to be light enough to use and flexible enough to use, and as a result they cant take silly punishment, like tugging on the cable because you can.

and ofcourse if you choose the right manufacturer your likely to get 2 years warranty in which case if damage occurs accidental or from mis-use they will most likely exchange them for a brand new set, something you rarely get from cheapo headphones.
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The CX300 would be a good choice. When it comes to working out / running, I've no problem with my Sonys + Clip. Wouldn't dare use my SE530s, sensitive wires and all.
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Would you take a Ferrari F430 to Home Depot to pick up lumber ... would you take a Ford F150 to a track day? Different uses, different products and price points.
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im not sure about the cx300 for working out..i bought them a couple years ago and from what i remember they dont really isolate and they fall out too easily (at least the stock tips)
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so i take it that the scl4 can be used for portability, exercise, and others too?
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I've ordered a pair of KSC75 yesterday. These are, of course, no IEMs, but I'll need them when I'm riding my bike, because I neither want to damage my UE-11, nor want to risk getting run over because I didn't hear a car approaching.
Curious if they really sound that well for that price (well, I've also ordered some hd650s, to have a serious non-IEM-headphone ).
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The CX300 are the most microphonic canal phones I've ever heard. I'd hate them for working out. Every time you move you'll get a lot of noise coming though the crappy cable.

I used to use the Shure E3c for working out. It had a very long cord that was always getting caught on equipment, eventually causing intermittent static in one ear. This was only because of the long cord. If the SCL4 has a shorter cord, it should be fine
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I have both. Originally I used UE Super.fi 5pro for gym (I have Sennheiser HD25-1 II at home). Then I broke the 5pro. After that I used a pair of CX300 for working out. They sound OK. A good thing is their cord seems to be resistant to water and sweat. And of course they are cheap so I won't mind if I broke them.

Recently I got a pair of SCL4 ( the $79 deal). I thought I may use them for gym but I heard about that Shure's cords are actually sensitive to water or sweat and many Shure earphones are replaced because of cord failure. So I think I still need to keep the CX300 for heavy activities.

However, after owning SCL4 a couple of days, it is hard to go back to CX300. They are not in the same league totally.
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