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which ones for the gym or skiing?

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Trouble with a lot of in-ear phones is that the seal in the ear has to remain consistent for consistent sound. Also, some dont fit well under scarves or a helmet or simply are not comfortable if they move one mm. I'd rather have just one set of earphones (my westone um2 died).

I am looking for something with great sound quality (IE8?) that fulfills the above criteria. Any suggestions?
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someone has suggested the Sennheiser CX 380 Sport II . i know most of you think that listening to music should be done in a zen-like state where one can concentrate on every tone, but the truth is, our brains dont work that way. we focus on various things at different times and even when looking at a photograph our eyes jump around. anyway, of the high quality phones, which are best for active lifestyles?
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why do you want high quality phones if your mindset is that you cant concentrate on it anyway, just buy yourself some crap nike sport headphones or something im sure you will be happy.
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There's is absolutely no reason to use high quality IEMs during workouts. They will get ruined real quickly, and you won't really notice any of the great detail. Not to mention you'll ruin your hearing (working out desensitizes your hearing, so you listen louder).

Get Sennheiser CX 380 Sport II. I have them and love them when I work out in the gym. They provide all the sound quality you actually need and I've never even had them almost fall out, even when they caught on something.
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i have never ruined my earphones during workout no matter how badly i sweat or do crazy stuff. i am currently using the audio technica ck10 and they are amazingly solid phones that have consturction quality better than anything on the market other than the cable which is beaten by westone's offereings. they are only left behind by westone for cable alone. all other facets are better.

smaller, stronger housing and sound tube. better strain relief on the driver unit and the driver unit's sealing is a bit better. the westone however have no open places from the unit to the cable and these have.
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For gym or skiing you need a 'beater' type of headphone.
Creative EP630 could fit the bill nicely but I don't like the fit (I have small ear canals) and the cables keep tangling. KSC75 could also be a good candidate but I feel they are too big. V-Moda bass freq too (very easy to fit and comfortable which is a big plus for me). Cable length is also an important factor. I really like the Denon C551 but the cable is way too long and heavy for jogging. I would assume in the gym it would also be a pain in the ass.

In conclusion, I would use the V-Moda bass freq.
PS: When doing sports like skiing/jogging/gym it's important to ear your surroundings. You can injure yourself or others. I would never wear something that fully isolate my ears.
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agree w/ everyone, no reason to get high end IEM's for workouts. You probably shouldnt use fully isolating IEM's, but what the hell, just go for it.
Agree w/ zathan on V-Moda Bass Freq, you don't need very controlled bass response, but more of it -> since you wont be critically listening anyway, and more bass means better workouts right? am I not right 8D

I own the Image X10's, and i can fully push both my hands against my ears w/ them on without experiencing any discomfort -> very useful and a very good seal because of the oval shaped and not circular shaped tips. I would recommend them for skiing, but they are rather expensive and I personally would not use them for that prupose b/c of temp and humidity issues...
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