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My little Super fi 5's review

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Ok, so I ordered my Super fi 5s about a week ago with agreement with my mom that they would be a birthday present (Jan 7th). After getting on here day after day, I realized that I couldn't wait any longer knowing that I was going to get them.

So after bugging my mom and finally thanking her a million times for letting me get them for christmas, I have listened to them for about 4-5 hours now.

In short, I can't put them down. I know that whenever I get a new toy I always use it for that first day, but I can already see myself listening to these day in and day out; even going outside and listening to these in a lawn chair (live in Florida so its hot outside )

These are the first IEMs that I have owned (high quality) and I am deeply impressed.

Ok, so after all that is said, now to the real review.

It came with all the ear fits for about every size and 2 pairs of comply foam tips. I was going to order them because they are FAR more comfortable than the standard silicon tips.

I instead desiced against it because although they are that much more comfortable than the ones included, the silicon ones don't feel that bad and once I get them in my ear for about 5 minutes and get into the music, I don't even feel them

I only have Sennheiser 555s to compare them to, so my opinion on this one is going to be kinda tricky so bear with me

When I first put them in, I was amazed by the SQ. They were the best sounding IEMs I had ever heard; and for 180, they should be

I listened to them for a little, then took them out to play with my cousins and do other things. After about an hour and everyone settled down, I sat down in the chair and put the IEMs in for a serious listen.

For some reason, the sound really opened when I listened to them. They seemed to really be great at new age music like Enya. I listened to her for about an hour and am still listening while writing this

The sound seems to flow from the IEMs into my ear like a calm but steady flow from a stream. It keeps coming and keeps me listening to the music.

I listened to a couple of other types of music on these like Alternative and Heavy Metal, but wasn't completely sold on those genres. I concluded that it wasn't the type of music, but the quality of those songs weren't that great. (Ripped those in low quality mp3 while Enya and Buckethead were in FLAC before converting to Lossless).

So all in all, I'm completely happy with my purchase. I am starting to drift ore into the New Age music and am saving the other stuff for less intimate time (like waiting before school or in the car).

So yea, that's about it. I'll probably post some more info later on after about 1 or 2 days when I really get a feel for these things and listen to a wider variety of music. (Haven't heard classical, country, rap)

So yea, if this helped or you want to add some feedback or give music recommendations, feel free to, anything will be greatly appreciated ^_^

Oh and before I forget, thanks to everyone at Head-Fi for helping break my wallet and give me the chance to experience music in a whole new way.
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You should really change the title to super fi not ue 5's as the ue-5 are customs. and the universal are ue super.fi
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super fi 5 pro = most underrated IEM's on head fi IMO, they were my first truely expensive earphones and i was blown away. however it was uncontrolled when compared with some higher end earphones i have now owned, still cherish these tho as they were the first to blow me away.
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Yup, great earphones made greater using comply tips, least for me anyway.

After having them a while i find the treble a bit jarring especially in rock/metal and the soundstage could do with being wider apart from that i love em.

You will find over time you will find fault with any iem though, im still at two minds what to get next so ive been doing lots of reading up.
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