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EMU 0404 USB digital out problem

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I can only play music through foobar due to asio. Is it problem due to my emu 0404 usb?
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Can you be more specific? Are you trying to get audio out of the 0404's spdif outs? If so then yes you need to futz with it in software as the 0404 treats the spdif out as channels 3 and 4 by default.
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I cant get windows media to play music when i use digital out. Was it due to the fact the windows media player cant output asio or was this something wrong with my set up?

How can you get the emu 0404 usb to deliver 5.1 sound signal like dts through its digital output? Is there any guide around?


P/S i can get foobar to work by remapping the channel 3 and 4. However, the asio plugin for windows media does not allow me to do the same thing.
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I have the same problem - when I first installed my EMU 0404 USB - there was an Analogue output available in the playback devices in the Windows sounds settings. You used to able to just select it as an option for playback from there. Have a go at that.

I don't know what happened on my system, but one day the analogue out disappeared and I was left only with digital out. I'm unsure if it was a driver update that was the culprit or what - im using version 1.3. As I don't have a digital mixer, its not very helpful so I'm effectively limited to using ASIO to play sound via the 0404 - I was forced to use either my DAW or Traktor to play audio via it. I imagine any other program that can use asio will allow you play audio via the 0404.

If you want to use media player and ur in a similar boat you can try this:

SourceForge.net: ASIO Window Media Player Plugin

It didn't want to work for me, I'm using vista home premium / wmp11.
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Sorry for the bump but can analog and digital out be used at the same time? I'm having difficulties making spdif out work on my 0404 usb.
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