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Newbie to the forum, so go easy!

Got a challenge for you knowledgable types. I have very narrow, convoluted ear canals and as such I find intra-aural in-ear type buds very uncomfortable. I've far from tried them all, but all the ones I have tried have caused me severe discomfort. Because of this, I'm looking for generally the clip-on type phones, as they're for my portable player and I need to be able to wrap 'em up nice and stick them in my pocket.

Problem 1: I'm a total audiophile. I'm a studio engineer and am a *big* stickler for sound quality. I like a very detailed, true sound (as this'll also be a mix reference point!) but one that doesn't lack bass - 'clinical' and 'detailed' too often come out as 'top-heavy'.

Problem 2: I'm on a budget here of around £80. (I could probably push this up a little, but not a huge amount - you met someone who pays for more than a few days' studio time recently!?) I know how strict this is given my tastes...

Here's the kinda thing I'm looking at, for reference:

Audio-Technica EM7-GM