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Advice on Earphones: SHURE SE110 or M-AUDIO IE-10

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Hey guys,

So as a beginner in the advanced earphone world, I just received two earphone products:

The SHURE SE110 and the M-AUDIO IE-10.

I was curious if anyone had purchased either, and could give me their best input. I've been searching reviews, and it sounds like good praise from both ends.

I'll be using these earphones for live performance drumming as well as for standard listening. For live performance, I'll be using these for the click track/metronome play.

Any input is much appreciated.
Happy Holidays!
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Shure SE110 is essentially a redesigned Shure E2c, which I have owned, and it is one of the worst-sounding headphones I've ever listened to.

The M-Audio IE-10 is just a re-badged Ultimate Ears super.fi 3 studio. It should sound identical, because other than color and logo, it is identical.

Out of those two the IE-10 is probably the best choice.
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I love my SE110, and I defiantly think the sound is not for everyone. Its either you love it or hate it, but I still like it better than the Super.fi 3 which are the same at the M-Audio ones..

Both are a good choice.
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good advice on both products so far!

What I had in mind, was this:

Hopefully after a little more input, I might return both sets, and purchase a higher end of the two, yeah?
Since this is the case, would you recommend a higher end Shure SE, or the M-Audio?
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It'd help a bit more if you describe what you listen to, and what kind of sound you're looking for. Earphones vary greatly.
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well, our band is mainly rock/pop.

you can get an idea here: myspace.com/themessrock

but i listen to all kinds of music really. classic rock, hard rock, electronic, classical..

as far as my live performances go, id really like a good set of earphones that have great sound isolation so i can really hear the click track through my ears.
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In that case take the Shure's. They have superior isolation compared to the M-Audio's.
Or decide to get some more money and buy the SE210's! I really enjoyed those
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I do have to say, the isolation on the shures is insane. Now on upgrading to the SE210, I personally wouldn't. I found not that big of a difference to warrant the price difference, I ended up liking the SE110 better sound wise anyways.. They bother are very light on bass with the SE110 having a VERY flat sound spectrum.
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SE110 must've been seriously overhauled if it's just an overhauled E2c. Because the E2c had... muddy bass and little else.

Edit: When used with triflanges or stock foams, Etymotic ER-4P and HF5 earphones have very good isolation due to the depth of insertion. I use my HF5s with Shure black foams, which slightly reduces isolation in favor of easier use than stock foams (and triflanges don't work for me).
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get the white shure scl4 (the se310 is comparable to this model afaik) from music123.com on a great sale


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