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yeah.too bad i cant find them around my area.i think i gotta be settled for marshmallows or i should try my luck ordering KSC75s from Amazon

Im quite satisfied with my SJ1 though it spoils my hair =S
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I found the Soundmagic PL30 to be lacking in bass. It was excellent though apart from that. It may have just been the fit, but I seemed to get a nice seal yet small bass.
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Although not popular here in the forums, I would go with the SkullCandy In'ked
and these tips:

They really transform these earbuds, very nice Bass without loosing the highs.
Before I got these tips I was going to throw the Skulls away, but I heard a lot of good things about changing the tips and gave it a try, (like I do for everything!) and the combo sounds amazing for about $15.00. I have more expensive IEM and use this combo most of the time, it just sounds right
for what I listen to.
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Even i heard about the PL30's lacking the thump in the bass. I think one of my friends has just received them. I'll give them a try before i finalize.

How are the beyerdynamic ones btw ?

How about these
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which online site can i order skullcandy INK'D that ships to singapore?
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