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Sub 35$ Canal-type earbuds

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First of all, a big hello to all the audiophiles here. I was directed to this forum by a friend after i nearly pi$$ed him off with all my doubts. :P

Now, i am getting a new phone in a week's time, the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic. I need to pair it with a good pair of canal-type earbuds, but i am afraid my budget is limited to 35$ or below. I already own a pair of EP-630's , which though are good, just don't sound that great.

I have come down to a few choices

SoundMagic PL-30 - 30$ Shipped and a free Amp
Sennheiser CX-400 Black - 30$ Shipped

which of the above would be a better choice ? Are there any other better options ? I require something with a thumping bass, but clarity should also not be compromised too much. Sorry about the layman terms, but i am not too much of an audiophile :P

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If you want bass, I recall some of the sub $50 Sony's had good bass and were very thumping but it was pretty muddy.

I'm not a big fan of the CX series even though I have two of them.

In your case, I know it's not in ear but the best deal would be to get a KSC75 + Fiio E3, that'll meet your budget, give you lots of bass, and it has really good SQ for the $.

edit: oh also maybe the JVC Marshmallow?
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Actually i am already getting a good deal on the Sennheiser HD-205 for a little extra with the phone. But i am getting some cash rebate as buyback for them as i need something in-ear only.
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You also have those Marshmallows. Cheap, Bass heavy and they're alright.
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For $15 more, I think then that the NUFORCE NE-7M is extremely worth it. It's the current golden child and giant killer of this forum and I'm extremely satisfied with them.

If your phone has a standard 3.5mm jack, the inline mic and remote may also work on your phone.
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Don't have any money for putting in the extra 15$.

It has a native 3.5mm jack.

How about the PL-30s ?
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Skip two meals at McDonalds and get the NE-7M, really doesn't make any sense to waste money on anything else at this price point. Do this even if you have to wait a few weeks to save up the funds.
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lol. Well , am now having a look at the Nuforce ones. Look real tempting with the SQ as well as the added features. Will see if i can shell out a little more.
Any other options i can look at while i decide ?
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The PK3s for 40 bucks? They're regular earbuds, but are supposed to sound great.
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Any option in the Canal-Types ? I find them a lot more comfortable over the regular buds.

Also , what are the opinion's on the CX-400 ? Are they worth purchasing for 30$ ?
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I have a CX300 and CX400 and I think they're kinda crap compared to a NE-7M. I even actually prefer the sounds of the Sony EX-71 and 75 series to the CX, although I may be the only one.
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K. So mostly they are out of the picture i guess. How about the PL30 ?
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No idea, haven't listened but apparently they're good if you can make sure you're getting real ones and you mod them.
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Any links to the Mod ? If i get them , i'll be getting them from MP4nation. They fit the bill overall as they cost <30$ and have heard good things about them.

How is the above deal ? It ships directly to India too, so no trouble to any of my friends too :P

BTW , i found a discount , now they cost 25$ shipped.
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get some aircushions. They're really comfortable and they get pretty after lots of burn-in.
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