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AudiophileChina ruined my xmas

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I ordered and the ibasso D3 Python from audiophilechina.com which was going to be my first amp in the start of portable audio, after arriving 20 days later i was so happy until i open the box and there was a d2 mini audio amp? which i didn't order so i was not happy. Emailed them with no response so i thought i would keep it and take the loss, as i would have to pay shipping charge's and wait almost 2 months. I plugged it in to my G5 ipod to give it a listen and all i heard was distortion at this point i was not happy one bit, to make the story short figured out the headphone jack is messed up so before i throw this away i would like to try and fix it, it does work if you put my headphone in the jack about 5 % of the way and let it sit there now that's not portable audio lol can someone please help should i open to see if any solder joints are broken?

And Happy Holidays to everyone!
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That sucks to hear that!
Why didn't you order from iBasso instead?
I've sent many emails to AC long time ago regarding buying one of their tube amps but received no response.
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That was my first mistake i thought i would save a few bucks but ended up wasting 200 instead. I purchased a new pair of headphones Ah-d5000's and i'm about to give up on the portable audio as the mini audio d2 barely drives my hd-555's. So i would like to go with a desktop setup don't worry i won't order from audiophilechina this time. Just to add just finish talking to someone at ibasso.com and audiophilechina is not a legal dealer of ibasso product's please don't get burned like me and order from them.
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I would not give up contacting them that fast.
They should obviously send you the correct amplifier in working condition. If they want the d2 mini in return they should of course cover all the expenses. Packaging, shipping, ...
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thanks i sent them a refund request with paypal will see what happens
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If you paid w/ PayPal or w/ your credit card file a complaint fast. I would also send another email to AudiophileChina to show you tried more than once.
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The funny thing is i when i spoke to someone at ibasso.com they are not an Authorised Dealer of ibasso that was the only reason i made a purchase from them. On audiophilechina.com "-We are Authorised Dealer of Darkvoice, Little Dot,Yulong, ZERO DAC, ZAHOLU,MUSILAND,LITE, Tingfeng,Original,Cayin, IBasso Miniaudio......All the products come with 1-2 year warranty."
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I've just noticed that all the posts in the AC's sponsored forum were deleted. There must be some problems with them.
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No way I would eat that kind of money. I would keep emailing them and posting to forums until they respond. And don't just email to their public customer support contact address, search for other addresses associated with them. For example, use a whois site to get the contact information for their domain name - and email those addresses too. I once got to a reluctant seller by peppering them with messages using ebay. They had current ebay auctions, so I knew they were watching that email address - and after about 5 messages on their auctions, they finally responded and handled my refund. Who knows, maybe their mail server is down and they just haven't gotten your message, or maybe they are swamped from the holidays. I would just make sure they know you aren't going to give up...
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How in the world do companies with lousy customer support stay in business? I just can't see any reason for having extended shipping times, delayed responses to emails-not even offering an automated response-, rude reps, sending out broken/defective/sub-standard products...

I hope they fix the situation for you.
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Yeah, hope the issues are resolved. Or that you got your money refunded through PayPal.
Best wishes!
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I've only heard bad things about this company as time goes on....
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Well, if you look they are not "real" ibasso...looks like they make ibasso clone products. Anyway, the case is always if a deal seems to good to be true it usually is. Good luck.

The way paypal works, even if you pay with CC, if the product was received by you, that is all they are worried about. As far as your CC goes you will simply send the product back and until that is done you will not get a refund...what stinks is you have to eat the shipping both ways.
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they deserved to be smack on the head.
damn blacksheeps.
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Aren't they head-fi sponsors as well? That makes things even worse.
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