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Need a song suggestion

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So, I'm really bad with music in the sense that I don't have a favorite song. I just really like everything...

Tomorrow, after a month of them sitting there boxed up, I am getting my hd-650, whiplash starving student amp, and my keces DAC.

The cans are used, albeit in perfect condition. The important part is they are already burnt in.

I need the most epic playlist for my new setup, the cans, or just in general...multiple suggestions are welcome.

I basically just want to be blown away more than I would be by the stuff I've been listening to for a long time now.

Any genre will work...I usually just tell people I like good music. I mostly listen to indie/folk rock/early punk

So yeah, anyone with experience with the 650's I'd love some suggestions.

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The Prodigy's Smack My Bi*** Up wows my socks off through my D7000s and I imagine it is pretty sweet though the Senns which I thought did electronica pretty well.

Fat Boy Slim's Right Here, Right Now is pretty fun too.

The title track to the Grease soundtrack is a lot of fun and pretty 'big' as well.
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No experienece with HD650 or HD600, however give:

Tegan and Sara-Livingroom OR
The Dark Knight Sound Track, almost anything but especially Aggressive Expansion

a listen.
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Porcupine Tree - any album to be honest

Audiophile quality albums.
(Not Grammy nominated for surround sound album of the year [Fear of a Blank Planet] for nothing).
Their albums = modern equipment, not a hint of Loudness War, great dynamic range and musically great to listen to).

Same with the 'more-known-in-audiophile-circles' Diana Krall.
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Anything with quite strong character, epic rock or some bass-strong music shines with the HD-650's. Prodigy is excellent, Nightwish (if you are familiar, if not, youtube --> for example YouTube - nightwish end of all hope ), anything with a strong soundstage and quite strong sounds is awesome. Amon tobins new CD Foley room is great on HD-650's ( YouTube - Amon Tobin - Esther's ).
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Thanks a lot guys.

Have a great Christmas!
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ACDC - Back in Black
Dizzee Rascal - Dance Wiv Me

also if u can get ur hands on the Armin van buuren ASOT Yearmix 2007 if you can get your hands on it
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For something different:

"Becoming Insane" by Infected Mushroom
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I haven't heard the HD650 (plan on getting a pair in the near future), but if some are recommending electronic I'd say you pick up "Freezepop Forever" by Freezepop.

I feel the wrath coming from some headfiers but they sound so fast and bubbly, I love em'!
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I can't believe you actually asking this question. Like its hard :P Just kidding

Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd.

I'm not good with rock labels like what indie actually is, maybe Nevermind - Nirvana?

Best of the eagles. Idk, just a album your intimately familiar with.
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Thanks again guys...I'm still blown away. I didn't know how good it could be.

I think you hit the nail on the head with pink floyd Shouldn't have had to ask for that one :P

Btw, indie is kinda post punk movement...its like rock but they actually know how to play instruments and sing. It has more musicianship than most music made today. Technically indie is supposed to mean an indie publisher, as in independent...but it grew into a full fledged genre. Thats how I describe it at least, its probably wrong ;D
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Weird variety:

David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust (Best Of Bowie album)
The guitar in this song does some crazy highs. If the cans are too bright, this song will hurt your ears within a few seconds of listening.

Dr. Dre - Forgot About Dre
Who better to test bass with than Dre? lol What is nice about this song is that the bass in the song is quite controlled (unlike most other rap). Ironically the Beats headphones he makes have extremely loose bass lol

Bob Dylan - Knockin' On Heaven's Door
Nice to test general sound quality. A very clean song, with not much going on.
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It's not in the genres you listed, but try The Planets, by Gustav Holst. It's 20th Century classical, but it has huge crossover appeal. A lot of people not into classical still love The Planets. It's powerful, emotional and has loads of dynamic range and detail. The Planets will show off the HD-650 and you might find yourself looking for more music like it.

Similarly, you might want to try Kind of Blue by Miles Davis and Take Five by Dave Brubeck. Both are jazz and both cross over to wide audiences. They also give great presentations of the HD-650's strengths.
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Billy Cobham, "Drum and Voice", and or Jaco Pastorius, "Word of Mouth".....imho
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