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I'm all for Taiwan's independance, but that's not a discussion for this forum. That's actually a discussion with no end since neither party will compromise. =T

So back on topic, who here actually lives in Taiwan?
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I'm in Taiwan right now (4 more days before I head back to Seattle) and just went to visit the Firestone Audio store in Tainan. Kinda small but they carry all the whole line of Firestone Audio products nothing else. Not exactly worth visiting if you're just planning to browse but u'll save a few bucks if u do go there intending to buy. I picked up a FubarII and a Encore amp for a pretty good price.

They also had the small tube amps and some 3" driver speakers from Firestone Audio as well that I've never seen reviewed on head-fi yet(anybody wanna donate to a worthy cause?)

I really do need to visit the hifi store in Taipei before I head out... ugh. One more thing added to my To-Do List.
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Originally Posted by Firevortex View Post
your picking bones out of my post and twisting them into some straw man argument which doesn’t even make sense. maybe you forgot the part about American been independent? you can point me the part in world history when Taiwan announce their independence and become a sovereign state. learn your basic world history kiddo, no point banging your head against solid facts.
I am not disputing that Taiwan WAS part of China. FYI, from all historical documents in the Ching dynasty, Taiwan was part of China except at certain periods where maps and other documents had eliminated Taiwan from the Ching dynasty territories calling it a waste- (useless) land not worthy to be included. During the war between Ching Dynasty and Japan in the 1800s, China signed a treaty giving Taiwan to Japan as compensation for losing that war. After WWII, Japan surrendered to the Allied Forces (including China), giving the Allied Forces the power to determine the future of Taiwan. Chinese army then landed in Taiwan as PART OF the Allied Forces. The status of Taiwan was never formally determined by the Allied Forces. There's no document/announcement giving Taiwan back to China. Therefore, Taiwan's status is still "To Be Determined". I am not saying it should go independent, but that the status should be voted by the people in Taiwan since it's a democracy.

Originally Posted by Firevortex View Post
when did i say anything about adjoined land mass having anything to do with nationality?
Similarly, I was trying to understand which part of modern history says that Taiwan is still part of China (after China had given it away?)

Originally Posted by Firevortex View Post
lol ok i'm not even gonna bother arguing with you here cos you just pulled something out of your ass that make you look stupid.
There's no need for name calling. I did not just pull something out of thin air. Everything I stated had been documented in many research books.

Originally Posted by Firevortex View Post
this is a headphone forum so i wont post anymore about this issue. i accept my heritage, culture with pride and embrace my roots. but that’s just me. i couldn’t care less what you wanna call your self.
Well, I agree with you on that.
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I'm a foreigner, but i'm currently resding in taiwan.

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born in taiwan but living near san francisco now. proud to be taiwanese. luckily i go back to taiwan quite often for work so i don't miss living there too badly.
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Glad to see this thread!

I live in Taipei, Taiwan.

There are a  lot of head-fiers here...

However, the audio gears here cost higher than in US in general...

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Originally Posted by Superkiwi View Post

Just moved to US 9 months ago from Taiwan...

About headphone store in Taipei...hmmm... hope you can read
This is probably the most popular one.

And for people who can read Chinese...
is the largest forum about headphones in Taiwan now...suppose you're all familiar with that site

I born in brisbane, australia and came to new york a year ago in downtown raleigh commercial real estate for sale .

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Born in Taiwan, raised and educated in Canada, permanently living and working in Taiwan now.

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Chiming in from my side! I'm living in Taipei, Taiwan. 

Looks like there aren't that many head-fi'ers here in Taiwan. 

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