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Head-fiers in Taiwan?

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Quick polll asking....
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I am from Taiwan, but not in Taiwan. Same as you I guess
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same here...i came to US from taiwan 4 years ago... *if that counts*
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hehe actually I was born in Michigan.......but then moved to New York, and then Indiana...and then San diego...and then Santa Rosa....and now the east bay area...

....but I do go to Taiwan a lot.
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I'm from Taiwan, but I live in the states now.
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I'm from Taiwan as well, but moved to Vancouver, Canada 6 years ago.
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My parents are from Taiwan, but I was born in Canada which is where I still live.
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Chalk up another taiwanese on this board =D

I'm going back this summer --> any worthwhile stores having to do with headphones in Taipei? Been awhile since I've gone back there!
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Just moved to US 9 months ago from Taiwan...

About headphone store in Taipei...hmmm... hope you can read
This is probably the most popular one.

And for people who can read Chinese...
is the largest forum about headphones in Taiwan now...suppose you're all familiar with that site
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Um, I am officially back in Taiwan now. Cheers!
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Wow.. so many Taiwanese.

So the question is: Are you Taiwanese or Chinese?
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well, both my parents were from taiwan. but i never call myself "chinese" or "taiwanese." i'm not "white-washed" either. i do call myself American, and i am American in that I am a single individual that does not believe that there is any category i could fit entirely into. individuality is as important as acceptance. i am merely, and above all, Me.
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Originally posted by vwap
Wow.. so many Taiwanese.

So the question is: Are you Taiwanese or Chinese?
Is it really that important?? Does it really matter??
What's the difference between "Taiwanese" and "Chinese from Taiwan"??
I'm "Chinese from Taiwan" and I'm proud of it!!
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Well, what the heck...I will just say I am taiwanese

Much simpler and truer to myself.
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