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Do your IEM's make you shiver with pleasure?

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its a simple question, just wondering if when you crank your phones up and its a song you like wether you get the odd shiver now and then, and hairs tend to raise on your body ( or it feels that way )

i thought at first it was just a shock to my system because of how loud i was playing the music, but now its happened a few times i realise its because im just absolutely digging my earphones!!

merry christmas all!!

edit: oh one more thing while your replying... i tend to grit my teeth alot when listening to my music, am i the only one or does anybody else find themselves with there mouth closed tight now and then for no reason.
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The only IEMs so far that have given me truly uncontrollable physical responses have been the Etymotic HF5 and Klipsch Image X10. HF5s need pianos to do it (uncontrollable finger twitching because I can literally place the piano right in front of me, even though it's not there!), X10 needs a great vocal song to do it (First time I noticed was listening to a song by Frente!, where uncontrollable smiling+foot tapping and near uncontrollable finger/hand movement was somewhat inevitable).

My Atrio M5 makes me smile a lot, but bass is its own reward and doesn't generate the same response as truly enjoyable mids/highs, even though I am super-appreciative of good bass response in an IEM/phone/speaker.

I'm hoping my soon-to-ship Shure SCL4s will give me a fair amount of enjoyment as well.

At that point I'll be considering some full-sized cans, but I'm not sure where I'm going to plant my feet there (Denon AH-D2000 looks like a good price/value combination so far).
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thanks for replying, im sure the scl4 will give you enjoyment for some music however i wouldnt expect the warmth you get on the x10's and the e4c's i owned were a little light on bass, i owned them for a mere 3 days tho and returned them to the apple shop due to a faulty driver that rattled a lot.

touch wood yours will be fine and many have said they do sound pretty good also.
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I moved from loads of cheap canals to UE 5.Pros > E4G's (black E4C) > UM2. I was in heaven but then I discovered the ESW9 in Aug and UM2 been eating dust since. HD600 arrived in Nov

Need something new maybe to discover IEMs again
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I love my um2's... never tried good cans ... sounds like i better stay away for my wallets sake
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I'm still waiting for my ER4S to tickle my inner lobe.
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Originally Posted by wuwhere View Post
I'm still waiting for my ER4S to tickle my inner lobe.
haha your unlikely to get that with the woeful bass
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it depends where i place them...
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My iem's don't make me shiver, but they do shock me when it comes to sound. I spent all day yesterday listening to my pk3 and denon d1000 after listening to my westone 3's exclusively for the past 3 weeks. Before I had the westones, the pk3 and d1000 were more than enough to supply pleasure to my ears. Sadly, yesterday I did not experience much aural enjoyment with those two headphones. I've always felt my 3's were great sounding, but never expected them to be head and shoulders above the rest of my equipment..everything just sounds so much fuller and rich with the 3's compared to my pk3 and d1000. Overall my beloved 3's don't make me shiver, but they do make me feel warm and fuzzy inside
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Yes, but it varies greatly depending on my mood and what song it is.
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the shiver of excitement is the only reason I listen to music, but the experience happens less often than I like.

Usually the strongest shiver is just when I've connected a song into association with my current mood or something that is happening within my life at the time.
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Shiver with pain is more likely for me. I have more than enough full sized headphones that sound better than my IEMs. I only use IEMs when I need isolation like my daily mass transit commute or on an air plane. Environments that aren't conducive to pleasure of any kind let alone music.
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I tried to do it with my ER6's but I still did not feel the bass. Even when the volume was at 80%. A volume I listened to very briefly because I like my eardrums. Unamped, of course.
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I liked the SE530's when I first got them, but after listening to tubes, well, you know....
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It's more a song vs any IEM that will do it. And a solid recording (a nice FLAC).

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