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audio-technica ATH-A2000X

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Since 14 days I am the proud owner of an Audio Technica ATH-A2000X
After ± 100 hrs. of burn-in I can tell you:

1. It sounded like an ATH-W5000 without colouring (however: I was used to it)
2. It sounded like a Stax Lambda Signature with an acceptable soundstage.
3. It sounded like an open air headphone like the K701 without the sibilance.
4. I registered myself as a Head-fi member.

I do not plan any extended comparisons because I love music (not headphones)
My reference is the Dr. Anton Philips Concert Hall in The Hague (Netherlands)

Note: The ATH-A2000X sounded acceptable with bad recordings. Not like the GS-1000, this sounded only acceptable with very good recordings.
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Hoi, Nederlander.

Congrats on the new headphone.
Since you seem to have the W5000 too, can you tell anything on how the pads vary?
It looks to me like the pads on the new "X" headphones look a little deeper than the older pads.

I'm thinking of buying them to replace the pads on my W11JPN once they become available as an accessory.

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Hoi Eurolander

The pads of the ATH-A2000X are about 4 mm deeper than the W5000

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Could you tell a little more about them, like which do you prefer and how they differ physically?

I think the deeper pads is a good idea, since many people have comfort issues with the older pads because the ears touch the hard mesh of the driver.
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Nice impressions.
There is more, not totally inline with yours though
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I have read that message.
That is why I waited a couple of weeks to send a little review.
The ATH-A2000X had to be burned in properly.
This phone changed more, than the other phones, I own.
I was used to the W5000 but sometimes the little mid-bass colouring irritated me.
Then I changed to my Stax setup. Beautiful, but not involving (for me)
Back to the W5000. More involving, but I always new: it’s a closed phone.
I tried my wife’s K701. Soundstage! But (for me) a little plastic sound.
Then I ordered the ATH-A2000X.
Out of the box I recognized a closed phone with the sound of an open one.
I noticed some brightness and a lack off detail with some discs.
I noticed the name of the discs but continued burning in.
Yesterday I played those discs again and: gone were the brightness and the lack of detail.
After visiting my favourite concert hall I tested my new phones again with the same music (Sibelius). Of course not the same performance.
Then I decided. I will keep those phones.

For me the comfort is OK. After a couple of minutes, I forgot listening to headphones.
Only the Stax is more comfortable, but not in the summer!
When listening to the W5000, I didn’t forget the phones. They are also comfortable, the sound was intimate, but closed in my head.
However: with a good performance (Rubinstein with Beethoven’s fourth piano concerto) I forget every phone.

Sorry for my bad English. I’m not used to it.

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np, not everyone is an englishman!

Thank you for your inputs!
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With this description it sounds like a grown up version of the ESW10JPN. This one may very well be another winner from Audio-Technica.
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Audio Technica ATH-A2000X

Anybody to share my impressions?

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G'day Artmon,

I'm interested in trying a pair, but where I am in Japan, they don't have any in shops. Next time I visit Tokyo though, I'm sure I'll have a chance.

Also, nice to see someone else with the VDH Orchid IC. How do you find it?
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Hello Currawong,

I found a review by Hongo:
AudioGone Review of van den Hul's The Orchid at Eugene Hi-Fi

I agree with him.
Before i used a Siltech SQ28 Classic
The Orchid was an upgrade.

Aart van den Hul is populair in the Netherlands.
Good Hi-Fi shops sell them
When I visit them for a listening session, I ask them to change the interconnects.

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Thanks for the impressions.
They don't seem to be generally available, where did you buy them?
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A quick question, how are the pads? I really HATE the pads that are on the Sony CD3000 because it's cheap and peels off. I expect something luxurious on a high priced phone, but it looks like pleather.

The A2000X sounds like my ticket to a full sized ESW10JPN, which is something I would really like to have. I've also been looking for a pair of closed headphones. The AH-D7000 isn't in stock anywhere at a good price so the A2000X is creeping in. It was Gu's impression that turned me away from the A2000X, but his impressions were very limited and not in the most ideal circumstances. Your brief review was helpful.

www.amazon.co.jp has a decent listing price of 47,882 yen which is about $530. They aren't in stock by amazon at the moment, but they can ship to anywhere in the world [according to the FAQ (I have no experience with the .jp site)]. I think I'll bite on the pre-order.

The next best price I see is through ebay @ $655. I have a 10% off eBay coupon to cut that to about $610 ($590 + $20 ship). I hope the MS live/ebay deal comes back with 25-30% cashback since that would shed another $200, but I think the promotion is dead. I'll wait a few days. I'm expecting (hoping) for something to show up shortly after Christmas.

I'm somewhat sure that the A2000x will eventually drop to $400-500 range since it seems to be a trend with other AT headphones, e.g., you can find the W5000 for around $600 now, though I believe the price drops took a few years.
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Hello Mecc

The box of the ATH-A2000X told me:

The earpads are made from Clarino, a leather substitute that is durable yet comfortably soft and pliable

I have no problems with the pads.
I know the Sony SA5000. I didn’t like the pads.

I never heard of Clarino, so I searched:

Kuraray America Clarino - Products

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