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I am very curious as to what bitrate you guys listen to your music... - Page 2

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FLAC and 320 mix. My older files (ie pre-audiophile days) range from 128 to 256.
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192 or 256kbps CBR MP3 for portable use seems adequate to me.
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I've got all sorts of bitrates from all of the songs that I have. Ranging anywhere from 128-320, and a couple flac files. I actually can't really tell the difference between any of the higher bitrate files versus the lower bitrate files though, even the flac.
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APE and FLAC. the FLAC will be redone to APE over the Christmas holiday. All are on my D2, backed up on my computer.
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Vast majority of my files are my cd's ripped to 320kbps lame mp3..
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some 'found' tracks are as low as 128kb. but the only ones that I have kept at the bitrate is hard to find muysic that I love. and I dont play it on my top shelf rig. most of my music for:

portable rig 1 in my sig. iphone 3G->pico->SE530/W3 is 192-320kbs, but with the occasional annoying track I got from the itunes store before they started itunes plus and you just got what you were given, with no choice in the matter at all

for portable rig 2 32gb CF modded 5.5G DIYMOD->piccolino blackgate LOD->Pico->SE530/W3 its 256kb/s+ with more lossless than rig 1. but still has a few old favourites that I rock out to on the bus or somewhere particularly noisy (the only way I can enjoy it.

the transportable rig a second new 80gb 5.5g DIYMOD (still finishing styling and reripping for this)->piccolino VCAp dock->piccolino silver bullet RCA 2 mini->pico->SE530/W3 that is going to have a 240gb dropped in as soon as they become widely available and has all the lossless I have, plus some 256+

so while I like to listen to 320+ I have been known to slum it with 128 if the right mood/location arrives.
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Some lame VBR -V2, more recent rips are lame VBR -v0,

I also purchased some albums from walmart.com (256 CBR) and amazon.com (lame VBR)

I recently started experimenting with ogg vorbis on one album that never sounded right in mp3 and I'm happy with the result. I may use ogg more often now.

Until recently I had some ABR 128 files but those have been re-ripped now.
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Originally Posted by nor_spoon View Post
Only FLAC, using my computer. Btw, what is an iPod?
you so funny
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Seeing how much digital music I have (a terabyte at least) I don't have the space (or money to get the space) for a complete FLAC collection.

Ideally I'd have all my music in flac, but as qusp mentioned, there are those certain hard to find favorites that I hang on to in sub 256 format.

Likewise, since I have an ipod touch 2nd gen, I'm relegated to using mp3s for it. Would love to slap some flac on there!
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Typically Lame VBR at V0, which results in bit rates between 200 and 250. These sound VERY good. I know there are some people who can tell the difference between these and lossless, but I'd bet most people can't. You have to decide for yourself, of course.

I am 47 years old. When I was growing up I experienced the difference between LP's and cassettes. You could record an album with the best tape available on a $500 cassette deck and you could definitely tell the difference. Probably the equivalent of about a 100 kbps compressed digital file. In other words, a 128 kbps mp3 beats the $500 cassette deck.
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I use AAC for the iPod. Not the best, but listenable, and I can put a ton of music on it. I have a bit of music ripped to ALAC for home use, though I haven't done much of that lately. A lot of home listening is without a bitrate.
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Flac on pc and ogg on cowon d2.. MediaMonkey Gold allows conversion while transmitting, so don't need to have FLAC and OGG on computer :-).. works great!
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90% ALAC.
5% 320 CBR.
5% 256 VBR.(iTunes +)
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AAC350/VBR. On my A829 it's the closest I've heard to my ATRAC stuff (YMMV), although I've read that anything above AAC256 should be indistinguishable - but you know how that is...
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if i ripped it from a CD, it is FLAC. if i obtained it, it is v0
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