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New Headphones needed

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I need a new pair of headphones. I am a very competitive gamer and get frustrated because I get flanked a lot. Right now for sound I have the x-fi extreme gamer soundcard with plantronics audio 350. I have up to 200 dollars to spend. These will be for fps gaming only. Games like americas army and call of duty 4 are the biggest fps games I play. I need to be able to pinpoint the exact location of the enemy. Thanks in advance.
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I've heard the Audio Technicias recommended for gaming often. Cant think of the specific models at the moment. The "pinpoint the exact location thing means you'll want a good soundstage.
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I have heard the same of audio-technica.
The needs for gaming and the needs for acoustic excellence differ to some extent so a great HiFi 'phone isnt necessarily great for gaming
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x3 on AT ATH-AD700 $104.84@Amazon Best Deal.
Good Luck & Happy Holidays
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If you want a budget headphone with great detail and soundstage check out the Sennheiser HD201 for 20$. If you want a little bit better sound quality you can check out the beyerdynamic DT770pro for around 140$us. Audio technica are another option, though I didn't like the way they feel.
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yea, the HD201's are suprisingly excellent. But they definitely need some kind of amp. But the soundstage is exceptional for the price.

I would really order a pair if i were you. If you don't like them, your only out $20, and you can still use em for music..
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I think you want to stay away from "typical" headphones and consider something with a surround capability in order to pinpoint your future frags. Zalman and Turtle Beach make various models. I've not heard any myself but there are tons of reviews out there.

You're not going to get audiophile grade music out of them, but you should have a much better time of positioning than with normal headphones.
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Originally Posted by oogabooga View Post
you should have a much better time of positioning than with normal headphones.
Try them out and you will find the opposite is true in actuality.
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Imo/ime, being flanked can sometimes be attributed to not "keeping your mind open" to the possibility of being flanked - or plain old keeping your mind as open as possible. Paradoxically, relying on player patterns(what are the most traveled choke/spam points, side entrances, stuff like that) to outsmart your opponent can be a great help, too.

I forget if AAO or COD4 have walk functions, but if they do(and they should, particularly if the 11 year old quake 2 does), you'll be flanked without hearing a thing. That said, I almost went e-blind when I switched to the DT 880s(mad soundstage/imaging) to the $40 Koss r80, sonically speaking. So imo, competitive gaming needs a combination of an open, responsive, AND "predicting" mind, along with the use of external sources(such as headphones) all ftw.

*edit* Here's a good example of why I've learned to keep my mind open...

"yea yea yea I'm bout to own this guy, he doesn't even see me!!" BAM "wtf? someone did it to me first:O)"

After a couple of those experiences, I finally started checking my immediate surroundings before attacking someone who is 90% prone to a kill, because since it'll take very little time to kill him, I use to the rest of the time covering my butt.

There are other examples, too, but I think that covers what I'm trying to say heeh.
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Thanks for the quick response guys kudos. For competitive gaming I do keep my mind open its just with the headset i have right now i cant hear them as well as I could. They both do have the walk functions but you can hear them walking and when they stand up from prone ( I dont hear any of these things) I dont even hear them pulling a grenade when guys pretty far away say nade lookout and they know where they are throwing from.
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My recommendation would be to get something with the great detail resolution in the highs, for stuff like grenades bouncing on the floor, mids(for frag out!!!!!!), well-behaved bass(not necessary if you're more of a competitive than a leisure gamer), and a huggge soundstage.

Someone please correct me if I'm wrong(cuz it's all ime).
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The problem with the DT880 is that it's not easy to drive, a x-fi extreme gamer soundcard is probably not going to be enough. So if you want to get it you'll have to pump in more money for a better amp.
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W0rd, I've edited my post.
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