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My New Rig / BrainSalad Cables Rocks!

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So I've recently upgraded my transportable rig a bit, and I wanted to share some pics and give a shout-out to a great head-fier who deserves it.

From a suggestion, I inquired with Randy of BrainSalad Cables about making me a mini-to-mini interconnect for my new rig. He offered to build me one for a very reasonable price, and I'm very happy with not only the build quality of the cable, but of the very helpful and professional way he has conducted himself.

Before I even received the cable, he assured me that if for any reason I wasn't satisfied, he would either remake the cable or refund my money. Well, I hadn't quite taken into account that much of the length I asked for was rigid thanks to the plugs. It wasn't quite long enough for me to stack the amp on top of the DAC like I wanted to. When I took Randy up on his offer, he had no issue with sending me a longer one as I sent him back the original.

We waited some time, but the replacement cable never showed up! At this point, Randy dropped yet another cable in the mail for me. (A day or two later, the first replacement showed up with Randy -- it bounced for no apparent reason!)

In the end, I am very impressed with how Randy conducted his business with me, and would whole-heartedly recommend him to anyone else needing some cables made!

My new rig is replacing a RSA Predator DAC/Amp that I'd been using for most of the year. I've found that the Ultra Micro DAC is quite a solid step up from the DAC in the Predator. I purchased an Ultra Micro Amp from HeadRoom after I was so impressed with the DAC part, but when I tried my SE530/UE11 with it, I found the hiss from it too annoying. (TWO of their product pictures for the microstack feature the Shure SE530's, and I wrongly assumed that the noise floor would be at least close to inaudible.)

When I realized the UMAmp wasn't going to work out for me, I called Ray up about an SR-71A. He must have sold the last few within a week from my calling him. (He could only build 500 due to the availability of the chips they use.) Devastated, I posted a WTB ad on the forum. It wasn't a full 24 hours, I don't think, and mrarroyo responded to my post with a reasonable offer for his SR-71A, 4x Tysonic low discharge batteries, and charger. I took it.

The sound from this pair is absolutely amazing. It drives my UE11 as I imagine few rigs can. With a power supply for the DAC at work and at home, it's very easy for me to hook up at either place.

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That's a sharp rig. What do you think of the ESW10's. I listened to the 71a with Skylab's 9's and thought it was very good.
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I feel the ESW10JPN has incredible detail, great extension on both ends and an inviting tone. The sound from these phones is really quite wonderful. (Though I've never heard the ESW9's to draw any comparison there.)

There are a lot of ways to wear them on the head, too, which is nice... because they can become a little irritating after a while. Also, they don't isolate very well... which I think is a good thing at the office because I want to be able to hear my phone, for instance. They also fit around the neck comfortably (unlike full, circumaural phones).

I think they're winners.
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Nice rig. Enjoy!
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