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I can see that sound waves are going to react and respond to the obstacles and materials around it. Obviously sound bouncing off a tin wall is going to be different that plaster or foam. But I would suspect the effects in IEM's would be very minimal. Then again in something so small the affects would be amplified. Just always associated it with the different tips used.
Curious Shig, what headphones do you prefer? What style of music is your preference?
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Atrios have always been intriguing for me but do they really make you feel the bass, unlike Etymotics, if you have tried Etymotics?
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i had er4s before the atrio and it is a stark difference. you really feel the sound. not only bass though. there is an amazing delicacy especially to strings that i have not heard in other iems after or before. it is thrilling.

er4s: faster and better isolation. atrio: less isolation and more relaxed but have bar none, phenomenal bass quality and tangibility

i am now listening to classical. classical trance that is. i prefer really only two genres. trance and classical. i like fast, detailed phones when listening to proper headphones.

my stash favourites were the dt880 and the ultrasone dj1pro (for the price... quite possibly unmatched)
for iems, my favourite all rounder is the atrio but it does not do trance the way i need (fast with no plastic echo to bass). i am very happy now with the audio technica ck10
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The atrios are great. Yes you can really feel the bass. I like that fact that even when you turn the volume down low the bass is still present. I have not had any problem with isolation. If i am listening to music everything nothing external comes in unless I have the volume way down. When I listen to audiobooks I can here some external noise but not much (just enough to know when i need to listen to somebody at work. Never did try the e4s was going to before i found the atrios. I fine they are simply amazing, giving stellar seperation between all instruments.

I don't listen to trance or classical, as youy put it. So I am not to familoar with it. I listen to all sorts of music but I prefer black metal and melodic death metal. fast and chaotic. The atrios do real well keeping up with it and I even started hearing parts of the songs that I was unaware, (bass guitar often gets buried under bass drum). Just like being in a studio with out the reverberation from being in a closed room. Will try the W3s and see if they are able to do the same and a little more.
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I am currently using the Atrios and Livewires and have used the UM2, Shure SE530, before, and have auditioned the W3 for quite a fair bit of time. Personally my vote still goes out to the Atrios. If i didn't already have the Livewires, i'd go for a pair of the Futuresonics Customs instantly. I am absolutely in love with the lush, rich sound of the Atrios and how non-sibilant it is.
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I have had almost all of the mainstream iems. The latest Futuresonics does very well for the price. Since mine are really new, I can't say definitively what their sound signature is like. They do seem non-fatiguing and pleasant. I think they are not as detailed as a 530 or Ety but they do not wear you out either. They certainly do no extend into the high freqs like the 530 so far. Hard to say yet. I really think that I should try the custom ear molds for these.
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