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Would anyone here be willing to share their impressions on the WA2 with Telefunken 6922s?
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Originally Posted by Dubstep Girl View Post

just get amperex bugle boys (HD 800) or orange globes (T1) and be done. cheaper than 7308 from jack (they only cost like 60-80 a pair tops), more transparent and focused than the american 6922s, and far more rugged than the EH6922 (which i can see why jack would stop using, people probably complained of them dying in a month or 2). 

it might be newb question, did Amperex made orange globe in Hollands? all I can find PQ oranges are made in USA;; also DG please pm me your secret tube source I can't find them in 60-80 range:D oh wait you might hide some nice 6922s in your closet for another WA2 in that case.... let me know :veryevil:

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I got rid of all my 6922 as well as my ez80s

PQs cost more and there are some USA made and I know some where made in Holland. Orange globes are different and should be Holland like the Bugle boys but there is also some USA made ones as well.
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No source just go ebay and search amperex 6922 orange globe. A frame or regular version, little different sounding both are good. Make sure they say made in holland

Heres a frame. Pair


Regular holland o globe

Prices vary dont overpay. Some cost more than others depending on condition and if they have a box or not. Also depending on sellers reputation

Btw those are just examples so u see picture and how prices vary. Not recommending any buyer specifically
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If i was getting more expensive white labels, those are the PQ and cost more and are harder to find good ones
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I've been enjoying my WA2 and T1 combo for a few days now and figured I should read this thread to see how much more I can get out of this amp.  After reading this i'm more confused then ever, all i've learned is that the good tubes this amp needs are rare and cost a hell of a lot.

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I'm in love: Amperax 7308s + Tung Sol 7236s + Philips Miniwatt EZ81s. I used to be a professional classical musician and I can honestly say I never knew music could sound this good. Total cost of the tube upgrades was $360 ($100 each pair for drivers and rectifiers, $160 for power tubes). Considering the amp itself costs $1200, $360 for tubes doesn't seem too unreasonable to me, especially for such bliss. The WA2 with stock tubes is really very pleasant. But with good tubes, the WA2 is just plain magical.
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Now just wait till you try the GEC 6AS7G :D

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Is the combo Chesterfield mentioned a good place to start?


"Amperax 7308s + Tung Sol 7236s + Philips Miniwatt EZ81"


I'd like to try my hand at tube rolling but don't want to break the bank on rare/expensive tubes just yet.


Chesterfield, do you mind sharing where you purchased your tubes from?

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No problem, robbbby. I got the 7236s from Woo Audio (listed on the WA2 page). For power tubes, a lot of people prefer, and swear by, Tung-Sol 5998s. 5998s are available from vacuumtubes.net for $85 each. The other tubes I got from Upscale Audio. When ordering driver tubes from Upscale Audio, make sure to ask that they be matched (which they'll do for no additional cost) and order driver grade, which will save you some money. They don't match rectifiers.

Dubstep Girl, as for GEC 6AS7G--I wish.
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Forgot to mention, robbbby---other than the Philips Miniwatt EZ81s, you'll see the tubes I recommended are the ones recommended by Woo Audio. In place of the Miniwatts, Woo Audio recommends Westinghouse EZ80s, but I don't think they have them anymore, since there's no paypal button there. I haven't been able to find the Westinghouse EZ80s anywhere. A lot of people like the Mullard EZ80s (The Miniwatt ez81s were built in the mullard factory and they're a little more laid back than the EZ80s).
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Thanks a lot Chesterfield, I appreciate the advice and links.

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I used RFT EZ80 and they are very nice, they are quite cheap too.
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Originally Posted by Dubstep Girl View Post

I used RFT EZ80 and they are very nice, they are quite cheap too.


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Originally Posted by Dubstep Girl View Post

I used RFT EZ80 and they are very nice, they are quite cheap too.

+2 Thanks DG ;) 

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