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J.E SuGDEN P51 Amplifier

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Hey guys,

Just wanted to know if anyone could give me some info of what this amplifier is like and what its worth.

I found it in my loft and selling it on EBAY but am a little clueless to details.

Sorry this isnt a selling thread as im aware of the rules, I just didnt want to sell something worth some $$$ for 99pence or something silly. lol

Thanks for the help.

P.S The link to the ebay link is
J.E SUGDEN Model P51 DJ or Stereo Amplifier on eBay, also, Amplifiers, DJ Equipment, Consumer Electronics (end time 23-Dec-08 16:09:10 GMT)
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since then ray's been able to make the p51 considerably smaller...there were quite a few components in there that were just takin' up space...
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Any idea what kind of value its worth plz? Thanks for the reply
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I don't know. If it is solid state, which it looks like, that wasn't a great time for solid state and much of it didn't sound all that great. Rotel put out some nice stuff but they had a good ear.
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Sugden is a great name in amplifiers but this doesn't look like that Sugden as I've never heard them designated as J.E. Sugden and the Sugden gear I've seen looks nothing like that. I wonder if there's an association there or not?
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I found this website that shows it as a vintage good amp. ¿Àµð¿À ±¤Àå (Áú¹®°ú ´äº¯)

I been trawling the google to try and find out bits but maybe its too old to show much info.
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sorry...just cracks me up that this is in the portable headphone amp forum...

Sugden P51 power amplifier (simple google search)...that's ~$525...

&, apparently, the a51 sounds a lot better...
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So it appears J.E. Sudgen is Sugden.
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