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Headphone amps in Europe

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What brand of headphone amps the Europeans over here buy? I'm looking for an amp for my HD580.
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Musical Fidelity - X-Canv2 £149 (now out of production, get one while you can!)

Naim, QED, Creek (OBH something) - don't know the model

Surgen Headmaster £550

You can also get them on headroom, but I don't know about the voltage.
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Oh No!

I Hope that there isn't an X-Cans Y2K+1 version or something... lol... this site is determined to make me bankrupt one way or the other...

Anyone wanna buy a lung? got one going spare
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In Europe you've also got the Earmax, RKV and World Audio HD83 amp (the last one is a kit), all tube amps. Then there's the Linsley Hood kit amp and the Rega Ear, and of course Jan Meier's Corda amp.
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Originally posted by raymondlin
Musical Fidelity - X-Canv2 £149 (now out of production, get one while you can!)
Hey Raymond

Is the Xcans v2 really "out of production" this time, or is it just rumour like it was a couple of months ago?


PS - Still no luck on the Xcans front, but am looking more towards a solid state amp now, following some of the concerns expressed about pairing the high sensitivity CD1700s with a tube amp and getting an overly warm sound. Am thinking the little QED would probably be ample for my requirements.

PPS - I've been having trouble logging on to the HFC forum recently, have you had any similar problems?
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Hamsta - I've rang up Musical Fidelity in Wembly in London and spoke to the sales department guy when I was looking for a X-PSU to see if they have one in their warehouse about a month back. He said that they have stopped the production on all X-ponents now, but they will make one more batch of the X-LPS and that will be the end of the X-ponents.

So I guess the end for the X-Can/X-PSU/X-LPs.....have finally arrived. Lucky I got them while I can.
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Curious about MF! When I got both the X-cans v2 and X-psu in a week (£280 argh!) the dealer I spoke to said he knew nothing about either of them being discontinued! Surely if something as popular (apparantly) the X-cans shouldnt there have been at least a mention of this in WHF,HFC or whatever??....
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I don't know what your dealer siad but that came stright form Musical Fidelity.
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