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online shop in Europe  

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does anyone know a shop with good selection and prices (main interest is DAPs, Sansa Fuze to be precise) in Europe? it's all well and nice that in US there's a lot of offers, but it doesn't do me any good to have a 70$ offer in US even when they ship here (Estonia), when the shipping cost ise like 30$ or more AND i have to pay taxes for import to EU!
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Advanced MP3 Players
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ebay uk/de
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Originally Posted by i_don't_know View Post
Advanced MP3 Players

i dont know if pixmania are any good, but amp3 as mentioned.
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I think that advancedmp3players.com is the best/cheapest place. Pixmania's prices are a bit higher + shipping costs to Estonia are higher. I haven't found any good place for portable amps though, but iBasso will ship to Estonia for 35 USD.

Some record stores sell headphones for quite good price, like

chemical-records.co.uk (got my AKG K81-s here)
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Mymemory.co.uk has Sansa Clip Zip players on sale. Ebay has a lot of cheap Sansa's but most of them are refurbished. I bought a Zip last week from Mememory and it's brandnew. I paid 27GBP for a 4gb model. 

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If you still havent found a player (thread started 2008), I would wait a while till things drop a bit in price.. lol

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A spammer bumped it.

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