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i find it funny you say the pro4aa were horrible and the way you describe it being bad while they are known and from experience one of the only good headphones koss makes lol. the fact you say every thing sounds dull thin or muddy makes me think you dont know to much about headphones. there specs on the box are right and they are great i just think you missed the fact they are low sensitivity and 250 ohms. meaning you need an amp for them to sound good lol. do you use an amp with them probably not. otherwise they will sound just like how you said. obviously if you new much you would have known that. you should not say things about headphones that you dont know much about. those are great ones. probably used your weak computer to power them or something like a mp3 player does not work. the pro3aa sounded better because it does not need an amp its 60 ohms. learn more about headphones before giving advice. though your right those ktxpro are okay for the price. the sennheiser px100 destroy them though. and the pro4aa with an amp slaughters all of them. that were talking about. buy an amp then use your pro4aa that are sitting in your closet and then give a review about those then you will know some real hifi sound. lol. i cant believe you bought those and did not know you needed an amp and thought they sucked because you were just underpowering them the whole time.
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portapro's from my experience are just a little quieter but identical even though portapros are more comfy. px100 are much better then both. but the sr60's are in a different league then these much better. but the pro4aa are even in another league then the sr60's there better then those when powered with an amp. there amazing. the pro4aa has great power through out all frequency range but most importantly why its much better then all and the only one that close to it is the grado sr60i is becuase it not just frequency response but it can play highs and lows at the same time with out distorting much at all the. others really suffer at that. from my exeperience i like the px100 the best for overall use with mp3 player as it also does not distort any more then the pro4aa and does not need an amp. sr60i are the next best and dont need an amp. they are not as portable but get better highs then px100 and also cant notice distort when playing multi frequencies like the px100 and pro4aa. then the pro4aa with an amp which kinda sucks to need one has the same highs the sr60i gets and cleanlyness and no distortion either on multi frequencies. but much more deeper bass to my ears. thats the only advantage you get with those compared to the sr60i but still sound better. i think if your at home and just want to use it for the computer sr60i grado's win and if you want it on the go mp3 player px100 sennheisers win.
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I like these better than the Portapro. Bigger wider soundstage, more immersive.
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