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alternatives for the OPA2134?

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okay, so I have a 47 amp with a coupla 2134's. The treble might improve with time, but right now it sounds muffled compared to other amps that I have heard (creek, SAC). I'm powering my amp with 8 AA's, but that might change in the future. Are there any opamps with more analytical treble that will work with my 47? I saw apheared's comments on the AD823, but of course that opamp needs a buffer and therefore won't work on the hansen pcb. I happen to have a pair of opa2228's here, will those do the job? I can't answer myself since my amp is not currently equipped with DIP sockets.
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I've just switched the 2134's on one of my Hansen PCBs to the pin compatible 6172's. To be perfectly honest, I can't tell the difference (with SR-80 and HD-580). You might check to see if there is a small capacitor in parallel with the feedback resistor on the first op-amp in each channel (This is sometimes added to help with stability and will probably have been soldered to the back of the PCB. If present, this would give a treble roll-off)
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i like the sound of the 2228's very much, but i don't think they'd work in a 47, as they are finicky at low gains. maybe the ad825 would work, but they're surface mount. if you can use a lot more batteries, the opa627 is a very expensive (but very good sounding) option.

my amp is not currently equipped with DIP sockets.
no dip sockets? how do you plan on swapping opamps then? weren't you the one that had trouble swapping resistors?
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well, kevin seems to be good at soldering .

and my 47 has a gain of 8.5, so it's not low gain.
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Yeah, but the second opamp in the 47 is used as a buffer (gain of 1). I think that's what skippy is talking about.
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Neruda: You want Treble, More Treble than you are used to then use an AD-823 for the gain Opamp and the LM-6172,s as the Output Buffer. The OPA-2132 & OPA-2134 sound Dull and Vailed to me. I do not consider them as High End, More of Mid-Fi. Since you have not soldered alot i would sugest that when you cange Opamps you first install sockets in order to save your Board from foils coming off. Use Good Sockets. Machined Pin Gold Plated available at Electronic supply Houses like Norvac's. The Sockets Radio Shack sells are junk spring Contacts and these do more harm that Good.
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What phones are you driving with this amp. As I see it these things always relate back to the load being driven. If they are the AKG 501's then you need more power. I've found that the ultimate amp for this phone includes the Buf 634. This part makes the 501 come alive as no opamp as a buffer can.
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If you want, I'll do the soldering for you. It might be after the first of the year before I can get to it, but we'll get it done. Maybe I'll teach you how to solder while we're at this!!
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