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1005ha is what I have. its b/g wireless only, not N.
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A vote for the acer aspire one 250.

I was very much against glossy screens (and still am to some extent). Though, the form factor, great keyboard and hardware specs was enough to make me give up my requirement for a matte screen.

I find that the size of the screen is directly proportional to being annoyed by glare.

10"- hardly annoying
14"- constantly annoying

So far I'm perfectly happy with mine. It's actually pretty quick once you optimize your OS installations. I'm glad I have XP, no need for anything fancier on this machine. I'm also dual-booting with ubuntu.
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Originally Posted by linuxworks View Post
1005ha is what I have. its b/g wireless only, not N.
theres multiple versions..i think 3 of the 1005ha..the most recent one shows N

ASUS Eee PC 1005HA-PU17-BK 10.1" Seashell Netbook - Crystal Black in PC Notebook Computers at

edit: just out of curiosity how is ubuntu on the netbook? have it on my regular machine but i got a netbook in transit and was wondering how well it worked esp with that netbook version of ubuntu
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The netbook version of ubuntu is just a different style interface. It's essentially the same as the regular version.

I find that a 10" monitor is fine for running regular operating systems. Now, if a device has a 7" or smaller touchscreen, then the ubuntu netbook remix would be very nice.

The newest version of ubuntu (9.10) has issues with my broadcom wireless card, so I think I'll order an Atheros or Intel card which will have much better support. 9.04 works great though.
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I just bought an HP Mini 311. Very nice. Very well built and feels good, solid. The 11.6" screen is a nice size, as small as I'd ever want to get. Pricey, though, at $399. Close to a full size laptop, but I wanted portability. Battery life of 5 1/2 hours is excellent. I heard good things about ASUS netbooks (sez CNET) but I have an ASUS notebook and support absolutely SUCKS. Problem is everyone at their company seems to be an ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE victim. Computer problems are hard enough to diagnose, put on top of that language differences and you're screwed! They need to outsource their customer support to the U.S., hehehe.
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i guess ur running ur netbook on the regular 9.10 and not the netbook version?

well asus is from taiwan i believe so of course english would be their second language :P
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Originally Posted by rawrster View Post
well asus is from taiwan i believe so of course english would be their second language :P
And the lesson they need to learn is that appearances matter. It is not confidence building or business savy to employ customer service representatives who are only capable of poor English. I have worked abroad as a journalist where publications interested in being taken seriously hire and pay native English-speaking journalists excellent salaries because they know those skills reflect positively on their product. If you want your product to be made fun of, continue to hire staff who speak broken English to deal with customers in the U.S. and U.K. You will never be taken seriously. Asus needs to ask itself: "Do we want to be a real contender in the international marketplace?" If the answer is yes, they better plan on investing some profits in a capable consumer relations team.
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I have the Acer Aspire One. I used it a lot when I got it, but I wouldn't say it is one of the best. I find the battery life lacking too much for me to warrant taking it to class. It's really cool to use around the house to work on servers/networks and to control music.
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Basically, not the Eee 701. It was amazing in its day, but it's getting to be a pain in the rear, and segfaults whenever I try tab-completion b/c the soldered-on SSD is dying.
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I'm also in the market for a new netbook. I've been running a Mac Mini with a 1.42 GHz PowerPC G4 & 512 MB ram, but it hasn't been cutting the mustard lately.

I'm undecided between the ASUS Eee PC 1005HA and the Lenovo S10. I also have bigger fingers, so a real keyboard would be a plus. Has anything new come out recently?
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i could have sworn i posted a reply here..

but anyway i definitely was going back and forth with netbooks since there are so many choices and a lot of them have pretty similar specs. i ended up getting the eeepc 1005ha in the mail today removed xp and put in ubuntu netbook remix 9.10 and everything works without any tweaks which is great for me

TimSchirmer, do you have a best buy or some kind of electronics store near you that has all the netbooks you are looking at? I had to go to a J&R to check them out and test them out before buying my netbook. Also, if you do have any questions about the 1005ha i would be happy to answer any questions as long as the OS being used does not matter since most people i know run some form of windows instead of linux ;p
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Tim, a typical netbook processor (Atom) is about as fast as a Pentium 3. If your Mac is feeling slow, I think you should look at CULV laptops for a similar package with much better performance. They will also have bigger keyboards since they are in the 13" range, and they aren't limited to the crappy 1024x600 resolution of most netbooks. They have launched new Atom processors recently (4xx models) but they're not much faster.
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I have the Asus 1005HA, and its great!

Its cheap (+ $300), has 160 gb.
The camera isn't amazing though, and the trackpad takes getting used to.

Its also looks really sleek and stylish, I prefer it in black. The blue also looks good. IMO the white looks a bit generic.

But best of all it has a 9.5 hour battery life. I find it's about 8 hours, which is still great.
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Just got a Lenovo S10-2 from the Microsoft Store. Atom /160gb/1gb ram/10"screen/Win 7 starter/6 cell battery/$261.75 + Free Shipping + Tax/ Price is now @ $349.00....Happy with my purchase.
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