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Originally Posted by ArturoGH View Post
Though, could ears experienced with both IEMs tell us the specific differences when listening to rock with each of the aforementioned IEMs please?:P
Qusp's post's definitely nail it!
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Originally Posted by AndrewF View Post
I have W3's and recently sold Se530's (also have UM2's and just prefer the Westone cable for all exercise related uses, which is what I use these for 80% of the time). The Se530 was very good, probably a bit better than the UM2 as far as detail, but the W3 is better in all ways.

I listen to a ton of rock (not much metal, but a lot of loud, challenging stuff- Sonic Youth, APTBS, etc). The W3 sound freakin brilliant with loud guitar driven music. I have no idea at all what some people are talking about. Obviously you have to be sure you have a good seal. I'm using modded biflanges these days, but Olives work well for me too.
you've been listening to what HA says too much, just because I think the W3 dont sound quite as good for some rock means i'm not getting a good seal LOLOLOLOLOL i'm using UM56 custom tips IM GETTING A GOOD SEAL. the shures sound better for this IMO because they have a slightly forward and smoother midrange, so not only do they bring the guitar forward, they can smooth out some of the bad mastering that is evident in some rock (not because they are smooth in the bad way, but because there is just something about the tuning of them and presentation that helps out in this regard; probably the same reason they are so non-fatiguing. if you think the W3 is gods gift to everything;; well good for you. I happen to only prefer them for 90% of my music
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Originally Posted by scytheavatar View Post
How could anyone think that the SE530 make a good rock can when its presentation is closer to the HD650 than any other high end IEM? I think Westone 3 is the clear winner here, there must be at least 5 IEMs which can do rock better than the SE530. Because dark, smooth, slow and boring isn't my idea of a good rock can. At the very least it's clear that the Westone 3 is easily one of the best metal IEMs, thanks to its incredible, Edition 9 like speed.
I dont think you have heard either one of them with that post. too many cliches. can you please explain how the SE530 sounds dark, smooth, slow, boring. unless you are driving it from a $10 pc soundcard?? although even then I dont get it. slow compared to etys maybe but slow hmmmmm boring hmmmmm sounds fishy
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Any Iced Earth fans in here? If you have the Shures put on Last December and smile. It is simply awesome with the SE530s.
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haven't try w3,but i think se530 is good choice
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SE530 slams and is impactful and forward (compared to say TFPro). That's why it does rock well. It's mainly the rolled of highs that give it the Sennheiser'ish laid back warm feeling. But the bass and midrange hit hard...great for rock where W3 is balanced throughtout. Nothing really stands out and it is VERY revealing so poor artifacts will show up on lesser recordings. SE530 is more forgiving in this regard.
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OK so ther eseems to be consesus on the fact that the Shure beat the W3. Now, how MUCH better are they against the W3? Say in 1 to 10, how much would you enjoy rock with each?
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I currently have both IEMs and am also leaning towards the 530s right now. I need to try them both with my P-51 and see if the mids from the Westone3 clear up with help from the amp. Right now, the mids feel recessed and slighly muddy. Bass is a little over the top and not very clearly defined on Westone 3. But on the Shure, bass is more defined but a little weaker.

I will do some extensive testing later on tonight and let you know what I think...
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Having said all of the above, if you really like your detail the rolled off highs on the SE530 may bother you and W3 is the way to go. Also, if you listen at lower volumes (any type of music), W3 is better because it extends deeper.
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I'd like to compare the W3 to my er4p, cuz strangely enough I really like the er4p for rock a lot.
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I'd be pretty shocked if an objective Ety lover did NOT like the W3. Outside of an Ety, the W3 is the most detailed and revealing IEM I have ever heard but you get a fuller, more dynamic and more robust sound. To me it's like a fully amped ER4P on steriods.
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Originally Posted by ArturoGH View Post
OK so ther eseems to be consesus on the fact that the Shure beat the W3.

No such thing as consensus in this matter.

I, for example, don't agree with that statement. I own both W3 (for 3 weeks now) and SE530 since 2006.

My wife always preferred the SCL5 (old E5). There is no consensus in politics, religion, sports, sound, (ADD another million things here), etc...
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Does anybody think the next SE530 (as in the model that will replace) will come out any time soon?
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Who knows! But I tell you what, If they come out with a quad driver that has rolled off highs, I'm gonna hang myself
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Originally Posted by qusp View Post
well I own both the IEM's you mention. and for rock I think I would still recommend the SE530 over the W3. the W3 are definitely a superior IEM overall, but dont handle rock as well as the SE530 IMO. the SE530 has a slightly forward midrange that means that guitars sound a bit more in your face. and vocals are silky smooth on them. the W3 on the other hand has even better bass impact, better definition on all frequencies and a larger soundstage. they will both do a good job, but the SE530 have the edge in rock . all other genres the W3 is a hands down winner and while I do listen to a little rock there isnt enough in my library to really ever use the SE530 anymore. I havent used them in well over a week because the W3 sound fine with rock, just not quite as good as SE530.
I completely agree with you. IMO I enjoy SE530 more than W3's.
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